Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

My Big Baby & My Little Baby

My Special Day

Well, yesterday was my b-day. Yeup, another year older & wiser...ech, ach, hack, hack.
Excuse me but I was choking on that last word.

Anyway, I am a year older!! Although, yesterday was technically my birthday my family celebrated with me this past Sunday. I had a great day!
Big Daddy made me a rib eye, yummmmm....and all the girlies made me cards. We topped off the night with my favorite cake, celebrating advent, & watching a movie I promptly fell asleep too. It was a nice night. The Hubby had a little bit of a hard time because I had no pretty packages to unwrap, moneys tight right now. But truly, I'm okay with that. Sure I'm like anyone else & can't help but get a wee bit gitty when opening up a present but this year I got something better. I got to look at my kiddos heartfelt art work.
All my girlies spent a lot of time making me sweet cards. I'm one of those people who keeps cards, every...single...card. I have a very hard time tossing em'.
Especially if they're uber special. Really, I have stacks of cards. I wonder if there's a twelve step recovery program for out of control card keepers??
Anyway, when my girlies made cards for me it touched my heart. They're adorable & Cow being the oldest didn't just make something sweet she challenged me! See, Cow & I have had a competition going since she could speak. It starts with three simple words..."I LOVE YOU"

Then it turns into this...

I Love You Cow, more than the rainbow :)

My Bear made a cute card that initially confused me because there was a tracing of her hand print & a frowny face. She explained that it was the saddened turkey contemplating his impending doom. I think that's hysterical!! My eight year old managed in her beautiful little card to remember her mamas sick sense of humor :D
And it really was beautiful!
Look at the sweet little garden she drew for me with a little bling of course =)

Then she wrote me this poem...

God is great

God is good

He gave me my Mommy

Then my Monkey Girl gave me a card with a gergillion purple hearts (my favorite color is purple) and she drew crowns for both of us & pics of us together. Just me & her, alone time :) I gotta say, I love her little drawings done in pencil. This is my stinker cutie who wiggled her way in my heart =)

And last but most certainly not least my Piglet Princess toddled over & gave me this!

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen!! I was so tickled!! Look at the wee little polished piggie toes!! Eeeeeeeeee :)
Yes, I just squealed!

Big Daddy gave me the most wonderful gift he could give me...the day off!!
I didn't have to lift a finger! No dishes, no getting the girlies ready for bed, no cooking dinner.
It was awesome!
I honestly had a wonderful day :)
So for my birthday, as in the day I was actually born I washed a load of towels, giving a math quiz, peeling & mashing up taters & looking forward to next years birthday with my family doing the exact same thing.
Keeping it simple with some homemade cards, a little bit of cake, a movie, & maybe splurging on my once a year steak!
I love you my babies & my handsome man!
My birthday is wonderful because of the blessing of all of you in my life :)

The Blessed Supermom

Monday, November 28, 2011

Finding Hope Through The Pain

So I'm in this real mushy state today. I think it's the holidays, they're always difficult. Don't get me wrong I'm thankful to God for all He's blessed me with. But days can turn melancholy fast. The hurt can overwhelm.
The funny thing is it's always the same thing to trigger the weary heart in me.
Christmas ornaments....
How can sweet little decorations tear me in two?? You would think I would prepare myself right? That every year I would tell myself before I walk in the store that it's gonna be okay. That the season is about life, it's about Jesus being born into this cold dark world & ultimately giving His life so we wouldn't know the taste of death.
But as wonderful & true as that is, the pain still comes.
Every year at this time I'm reminded of my Isaac & Hannah. I can't help but wonder what my babies look like now, what it would feel like to hold there little chunky hands. To deal with their tantrums & defiance, to kiss their owwies & roll my eyes at their foolishness. To pick up their little sweaty bodies in the night as we pray the fever away.
See, at this time of the year I'm reminded of all the little things.
The small things I've missed. Every year there are more moments missed.
As you can see, it's hard not to get weepy. It's hard not to wallow in the pain & anguish & just live here for a while.
Truth is I miss my little ones so hard & deep that I don't think I can truly put into words my ache for them.
In all this I can see Jesus face & feel Gods heart, if not just a little with my simple finite mind.
I only knew my Isaac for 5 months & my Hannah for 6 & the pain runs so deep. The loss of them pulses through my veins & it is part of my being. I've been told to "get over it" to "move on"
But how do you get over the loss of your child?
That's the little piece of Gods heart I think I feel. The pain of watching your child die, the pain of knowing this has to happen. Wanting to change this moment but it is already written & there's no running away from it.
I think of the pain of the moment I was told my children had died & how crushing that was. How those few seconds forever altered my life.
Now, how can I ever choose to feel that pain? To choose to give my child death?
That's what God did.
For me...for you.
He chose to send His one & only Son to die in this broken world so that we may live.
He rose again on the third day & overcame death & through that power & grace I have overcome death as well. I will walk with Him in Heaven one day.
What blows my mind about this amazing plan of His is that through that same power & grace my children also overcame death! My children live alongside Him in perfect peace.

Today, I have an ache in my heart for my Isaac & Hannah, but it's also filled with hope.
Hope for His promises & His future for me.

The Blessed Superomom

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Little Piggies Speach Evaluation

Well, my little punkin pie had her speech eval today. I was concerned after my friend Debbie asked if she spoke more at home then she did in our play group that she leads. Debbie is not just a sweetie of a person & a good mama but also a certified Baby TALK Practitioner/Parent Educator. She has several years experience working with parents and children, birth to three years old & is also a registered nurse. So I more then trust her judgement when it came into question whether baby girl was where she ought to be.
Debbie gave me a recommendation for Easter Seals who would send out a speech therapist as well as another therapist to evaluate her on all levels as well as speech.
Well, the wee piglet did great!
She is only 20% behind on her speech, she needs to be 30% behind for therapy. She's behind mostly because she is not imitating as much as she needs to be. The speech therapist (Lisa) gave me great ideas on how to help initiate imitation & both therapists believe as we work with her at home the Princess will have a "speech explosion" shortly.
As far as all the other evaluations such as comprehension, direction, physical, cognitive, social/emotional, & self help she is where she needs to be at 21 months or even higher!!
The therapist also said that the fact we homeschool is a definite factor in how well she's doing.
So, to wrap this up I have to say a big fat huge thank you to Debbie Jackson, you are a wonderful friend & I'm so thankful for you!!
And more importantly I give all the praise & glory to God! I know some may not understand fully why I lay all the honor at His feet, but the LORD is sovereign over all. He created this sweet beautiful girl knowing full well she was going to keep her words to herself for a bit. I'm also
grateful to Him for bringing these caring individuals into my home who were genuinely concerned for my little girl. And I'm grateful for the mouthful of sweet words that are sure to come in God's perfect timing.
And even the not so sweet ones!

The Blessed Supermom

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Honor Of Being Called Mommy

Many years ago I had a vision. No, not chandeliers shaking as a slow fog filled the room. But a vision nonetheless.

If asked as a teenager what my family would look when I grew up I often said I would have seven children & would stay home taking care of them.
Most times I got a sort of an eyebrow raised, nose in the air, tight lipped look. And that was from my friends!!
Forget the older women I told this to! They would just laugh & tell me how naive I was & that once I had ONE baby I would change my mind real quick!!
Wow! What a discouragement!!
Here I am, this young girl with a beautiful God given vision & my friends with some family as well were trying to steal it.
Remember, satan comes to steal, kill, & destroy & he will use whatever means necessary to do just that. Including you're sweet little old neighbor down the street.
I see this happening with my daughter. She is around the corner from turning seventeen & she longs to have a large family & stay home with her babies. However, there is already so much opposition to that "lofty dream"
She has already been told it's impossible. That breaks my heart for her.
Often times she'd smile & says she wants twelve children, but lately she says "as many God wants to give me"
That statement makes me so proud of her because she's putting faith in God for an area that seems to be "off limits" to Him.
Now, will she follow through on this mindset? I like to think so but I can't control her life or her walk with God. All I can do is present to her His Word, pray for her, be an example to her, and trust God for the rest.

It is an honor to be called "Mommy" I'm so thankful my daughter sees that.

The Blessed Supermom

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Taking The Morning Off

Today is one of those days. One of those days that I can't help but marvel at the fact that I'm a Mama. Not because I'm all warm & gushy, actually it's cuz I'm so goofy tired. Now please don't get me wrong, I love my babies & I'm not complaining. It's just some days are hard. I think every one of you Mamas can relate to being exhausted before you're feet hit the floor in the morning. It's a whole different kind of tired then when I was young & without babies yet.
Boy! That was a loooonnnng time ago...
Anyway,that kind of tired was easily remedied by taking a nap or sleeping in, two things that are almost impossible now. For example, I actually got out of bed this morning with The Piglet, a lot of times we hang out in bed for a bit. But this morning I got up with her & proceeded to immediately fall asleep on the sofa.
I woke up to Bear yelling at the Piggie. Bear doesn't yell at her, so why was she yelling this morning you ask?? Because she was crawling across the table.
Apparently she is trying to catch up with her sisters & get a few concussions in before years end.
I jumped off the sofa to save my baby, caught up my feet in the blanket, & fell flat on my face. She just looked at me like I was she sat on the table. Of course I corrected her but I don't know how much got through her little noggin. It looked a whole lot like images of mommy flying across the room was on her mind.
Anyway, I've decided to take the morning off. We'll start school after lunch. I don't think I'm much good to them right now.
Gotta go, Piggie is getting angry because Mama is tired. Apparently she really dislikes when I sleep...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Two Of My Favorite Guys

These are two of my most favorite guys on the planet. Of course there's my awesome hubby who regularly puts up with me, I'm blessed that God gave this guy an extra dose of patience because truth is I can be a downright lunatic sometimes. He happens to be good looking & can play the drums like nobody's business & I love it. I'm a rocker chick at heart =)
Then there's this guy on the left.
I like him bunches too, in fact I love him.
He's my Pastor.
He is one of the most amazing guys on the planet, next to hubby of course. I'm gonna gush about him for a minute.
I first met Pastor in 2003, I was guarded because I didn't have any good experiences with "the church" & I wasn't real interested. I was one of those people who ran to Jesus when things were messed up but quickly forgot Him when I didn't think I needed Him. Hubby & I decided to go to church for the "structure" of it, we figured it would be good for the kids.
Pastor Al was interested in more then giving us structure, he was interested in our everlasting souls.
There's a whole big long testimony to my salvation story & I can write for a few days about it. But what I want to focus on is my pastor, he is an amazing man after God's heart. He is a man of integrity, honor, & nobility. He is an example to young men of the man they ought to strive to be & an example to women as to the type of characteristics to look for in a husband & father to their children. He has more than fulfilled his call to be a Shepard to the flock God has blessed him with.
He led me to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ & has continuously cared for my family.
Al...he's more than my Pastor.
He's my friend.
We love you...

The Blessed Supermom

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Get Dressed Challenge Day 4

Today's challenge was quite simple.
I dunno but do I have a less than lovely aroma through the Internet??
Actually, she had a good point, not that I don't bathe myself or anything. But what we were challenged to do today was carve out time to pamper ourselves a bit. Not just jump in the shower & jump out throwing your hair up in a ponytail & GO!!
But to slow down & have a peaceful shower without racing to the next "important thing"
And to actually try to do this every "stinkin" day.
Okay ladies, lets try to be real.
Do you take that time out for yourself every single day?? Do you have more than a 5 minute spray? And if so...are your legs still hairy?
Ooohhhh...steppin on toes right??
Well, the challenge is to figure out when you can make this uninterrupted time & relax. It may work in the early hours or after every one has gone to bed. Either way, get in the shower with your loofah & some sweet smelling body wash, take a break, & slow down.

The Blessed Supermom

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Get Dressed Challenge Day 3....Mascara

What did I say?? Huh? What did I tell you?? Were you listening??
I said things would get outta control & sure enough they are OUT OF CONTROL!!
Do ya know what happened today? I was challenged to...WEAR MAKE UP!!!
Now let me make this clear, I do wear make up. But not to hang around the house, I mean if I'm going somewhere then I'll put on some make up. But to just mozy about my day??!!?
That's just plain nuts.
The challenge was to wear some eye make up. The catch was something "different"
I like to wear my eye make up a certain way. Ya know the way that actually looks good.
I'm no make up artist & I see all these commercials/magazines (which are evil by the way) that have women looking perfect. There eyes are either all sultry for a night out on the town. Or maybe their bright eyed & ready to go.
I put on eye make up on Sundays.
Only Sundays & it's the same every Sunday.
And I'm okay with that.
But now the challenge tells me I have to do something different.

Okay fine. So here's how it went for me.
I got up this morning & got dressed. Woohoo!
Then I began to run around doing my thing when I realized I had to put on this goofy eye make up. But there's the catch, I can't just put on ONLY eye make up, I just don't do that. It's like a half finished painting. So I started doing my whole make up routine but changed up my eyes a little.
First I tried Cow's black liquid eyeliner.
Guess what? I don't like liquid eyeliner. I remember wearing that 20 years ago & thought it would be a breeze to put on & I would like it just as much now as I did then. But it appears that's not the case, in fact it's NOT easy to put on & even worse to get off.
Thankfully I survived with what only looked like a slight beating.
I did make a small change & left my pencil eyeliner off & went a little heavier on the mascara. I liked it & figured I would take a pic for you.
Again, I figured no biggie right? I'll just do like my daughter & snap a pic of myself with the droid phone.
Ya know what? That's a talent only a person who can't yet vote has. Because I stood in that mirror trying to take one stupid picture of my eyes & it was ridiculous!
Most of the pictures I either looked like my dad or insane, so basically I ended up looking like a psychotic old man!
And let me warn all you parents of teens who do this...they're frying there brains! I tried taking about ten different pics & after all the flashing I was literally dizzy, nauseous, & had a headache!

Anyway, I gave up on that & let my hair out of it's forever ponytail & realized I liked how I looked. I went about my day cleaning, schooling, & cooking & every now & then I would catch a glimpse in the mirror & had to take a double take.
Not because I was knock down, drop dead, gorgeous. But simply because this person in the mirror was the one I only see on Sundays.
She feels good about herself. She is more confident & in an all around better mood.
My conclusion?
I really think I can handle getting dressed & putting on a little make up everyday. It really only takes a few minutes & makes a big difference for me.
So how about you? Think you can handle this one little step?
Come on, I double dog dare you.

The Blessed Supermom

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do My Socks Really have To Match?

Seriously? I have to get dressed? Everyday????
Come on, now that's just a bit much don't ya think? I mean I understand when company is coming & going to church or the store. But what's wrong with being comfy?? I like being comfy. Don't you??
I don't know about you but I consider it a grand accomplishment to get my kids dressed everyday, now I'm spose to get dressed too???
Okay, so let me splain why all the whining.
I stumbled across this Supermom who is challenging us Mama's to get dressed.
I mean I have my hands full in the morning ya know? I have these wee ones who want breakfast & my undivided attention. Then there's the friends who tell me how important it is to have "me time"
They've suggested getting up before my little people & make myself pretty. Not necessarily make up & the whole nine yards but just a little something.
Well, if I'm getting up before the kids (which is a rarity) I'm gonna hang out with God.
So basically, we're all frumping around the house first thing in the morning & they get washed & dressed & I end up looking like this...

(don't ya love the wee piggies)

Now, clearly my feet are cold & this is why I'm wearing the big thick socks but they're mismatched because that's what was in my drawer.
Nuff said...
I'm not gonna run around bonkers trying to find matching socks. It's just not high on my list of priorities. But then there's this challenge.
And unfortunately I can't pass a challenge. It's like getting double dog dared, ya just can't walk away.
So here I am, sitting at the computer with my mismatched socks talking about getting dressed so I suppose I have to go to my closet. But ya know what getting dressed is gonna lead to right?
Make up.
And ya know what make up is gonna lead to...
Fixing my hair.
This is just gonna snowball.

The Blessed Supermom

The Get Dressed Challenge

Well, I'm joining in, I wish I could lie & say this is totally not a need for me. That I'm bright eyed & bushy tailed singing with the birdies first thing in the morning. Wearing my pearls & pumps, frying up some eggs.
But as I said, that would be lying & well...God doesn't like that.
So here I am being all honest an stuff in my jammies telling you getting dressed is always on the back burner.
I know, I'm terrible.
It's just that my day mostly consists of being inside & wearing some sweats. There's no one to impress, so what's the biggie ya know?
Well, when I came across this challenge I realized that I always make sure my girlies get dressed but they don't often see me at my best.

More is caught then taught I say so it's off to the closet I go!
Maybe Big Daddy will let me go shopping =)

The Blessed Supermom

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Remembering Anguish, Reminded Of Grace

OK, this is gonna be a long one, a really long one. So grab a cup of coffee & put your feet up. Where to begin?
How about September 16th 2008....that's when I met her.


Oh she was so small & perfect, sure she had her "owwies" but I loved her all the same. I only was allowed to hold her close to me for a short time before having to let go of her forever. Or at least til we met again in Heaven. I studied & memorized every detail I could. Her tiny little feet, her pouty red lips, & even her little tooshie =)
She was beautiful, my little girl.

Fast forward three years later, & I can't celebrate my Hannah. Not the way I'm used to, the way our family does. Some people think me strange for celebrating her "birthday" & honestly I'm really not concerned with what others think on the subject. She is my daughter after all & I love her no less then my other children.
Every year since Hannah's death my family gets together & goes to the cemetery with balloons & decorations in hand. We leave a few special balloons for her & fancy up her marker. Then we have another set of balloons to decorate & send to Heaven.

After, we celebrate Hannah girl with an OREO ice cream cake....mmmmmm. This year however, I began leading the Pregnancy Loss Bible Study at church. Guess what the date of the first day of the study was???
September 16th..
That was rough, I so very much wanted to just bail & run. I wanted to go "see" my daughter & love on her & ask God to give her all sorts of kisses from Mama. But I had a responsibility & it was important.
So there was a good measure of guilt when we went the following day, but that's OK. God's grace is sufficient & we made it through another celebration. One thing that left our hearts a bit sad was the confusion at the end of the whole thing. We always release our balloons one by one & this year I asked if everyone wanted to release them together. It appeared we were in agreement but it turns out The Hubby wasn't. However, he didn't want to upset me so he said nothing. Oh well... =(
Before the balloons were released the younger girls ribbons got tangled & my little monkeys' slipped out of her hand. She was so upset & began crying, in my haste to comfort her I said it's okay, we'll all let ours go now.

now we were all down in the mouth. See we have that special little moment with Hannah before letting go of the balloon.
Sometimes it's just plain hard & this time it felt almost like losing her all over again.

All because of a stupid balloon.

The rest of the day was hard & I was struggling with guilt & anger. I was remembering all this pain & anguish. All the "whys" were flooding back in & feelings were rising up. I wanted to scream & cry, i
t just wasn't fair. Part of me was getting that familiar feeling of bitterness & cynicism. It's a slippery slope, & very easy to fall down in that dark chasm. Thankfully, I have people in my life that help me process these emotions & move through them. Thankfully I have a God who is patient & loves me through anger & questioning.

Then He reminds me of His grace...

September 16th 2011 I ached for my daughter in Heaven & two weeks later it looked as though God may take her baby sister to be with Him as well.
I walked into my little mucnhkins room after her nap & she gazed at me through the rails of her crib. Sweet little thing looked so exhausted, she was getting over a bout with the stomach flu so I wasn't surprised that she wasn't real chipper. I was a little perplexed that she let me walk out of the room for an outfit to dress her in. She normally doesn't let me out of her sight after nap time but again I figured she was just out of sorts. When I got munchkin on the changing table I was somewhat concerned at her behavior. She just wasn't "right" I sat her up & she tipped a bit before up righting herself. I laid her back down & asked her to touch her nose which she did but then wouldn't show me anything else..eyes, ears, toes, etc. I stood her on the floor & she took two steps up & reached her for me so at this point I'm questioning myself & wanting to believe she's just really really tired. When I got her back on the changing table though she was acting lethargic & her arms were flopping down when I picked them up.
At this point I called 911 & explained the situation, I then called my husbands company & let them know our daughter would be going to the ER. Now mind you during these phone calls my sweet babe was getting progressively worse. She began shutting her eyes & wouldn't respond to me at all.

That's when the screaming began.

I can't tell you the terror of seeing what you think may be your child slipping away. I had no clear thought as to why this could be happening, all I knew was her eyes were glazed over & far away & as I screamed her name while 2 inches from her she continued closing her beautiful eyes.
All I remember was screaming to her & screaming "please God, please please" At some point I called my sister hysterically & left a message which I assume was disturbing. Within minutes paramedics were in my house & one of them was telling me to calm down, I then continued my hysteria by screaming at them. However, his being calm did help for the moment. He told me to change her diaper then get the kids together to meet him & the baby downstairs in the ambulance.

Ever have that surreal feeling? Like you're in a movie & none of this can really be happening, everything is moving in slow motion?
I thought that was just some dramatic thing people said. It's not.
That's how it felt when I walked past the ambulance & saw my baby girl laying there. All flopped in the stretcher barely coherent being poked at with needles. She didn't even care.
I was terrified & felt so helpless. My sister pulled up & took my girls in the house for me as I went with my daughter to the ER. By the way, did you know that ambulances aren't like in the movies either? Family doesn't sit in the back with their loved one. No they sit in front & can't see a thing, nothing. All I knew was my munchkin was being frighteningly quiet. Shouldn't she fuss at least a little bit?? I was told her blood sugar was low, 30 to be exact & they need to get an IV in her to bring her back to a normal level.

Terrible things run through your mind when there's nothing to do but think. The paramedic that was taking care of her kept talking to me. Telling me he understood because he had four kids..*smile at the hysterical lady*
I know he was trying to keep me calm which only scared me more because I was sure something was very wrong if he was being so assuring. Finally I asked if she was OK & he answered "she's stable" & that just freaked me out more. I know what "stable" means. It means things are alright for now but that doesn't mean it'll stay that way. I've seen enough hospital television dramas to know that (that was my weak attempt at a joke)
I think he could see he wasn't helping so then he told me "she'll be OK, I promise"
I looked him dead in the eye & said "I'm trusting you" & he understood. Once we got to the hospital nurses were buzzing all over her. The heart monitor was put on & vitals were taken. They kept asking me questions I couldn't answer, I couldn't think. The one & only thing on my mind was "please God, please" They asked me some question & I went blank, I cried & said I didn't know what day it was. My Hubby came & put his arms around me & I'm sure he said sweet things but I can't remember.
It took about an hour & she started to perk up some, she began drinking juice & wanted to eat. The best thing is when the nurse came in to check on her & she wailed like a banshee. That was the most wonderful cry I'd heard since she was born.

We stayed overnight & it was then I found out the gravity of the situation we'd just endured. We were told that her sugar wasn't low long enough to cause brain damage but had we not brought her in it could have. We were told she could have had seizures & slipped into a coma.
I was told that I moved fast & that was very good. Up to that point I questioned whether I was over reacting & now I'm glad for the choices I made.

Looking back on that morning I can see God's hand & how He arranged things. Whenever my little girl gets up from a nap she is in one of two moods. Either super clingy or super ticked. It's rare that she smiles sweetly & runs off to play. So when I heard her squeaking in the room my brain went into hyper mode of all the things that had to get done & how long I had to do it.
I figured I had 15 minutes tops to do some dishes, wipe the counters, & peel potatoes. But for some out of the norm reason I thought I needed to pick up my princess.
That was the nudging of the Spirit.

Then there was the 911 call. Normally I would of called my husband first to get his input. I know a lot of people think why wait? Why not just go with you're gut? Simply put, when I'm running on emotions I can't think clearly & don't always make the best decisions. I don't think I'm the only woman in that category.

Can I get an Amen??

But in this case I didn't call him & instead called for help, something I wouldn't ordinarily do. Again, the Spirit.

At this point we're not real certain why any of this occurred. It's likely my baby was just not getting enough glucose in her diet because of her lack of appetite. It was the first time I've experienced this with a sick child, I didn't know the sugar could drop so drastically or so quickly. During our overnight stay some other tests were run but most of them have already come back favorable.
So how do these two events tie together?

Well, I had a lot of time to think at the hospital. It wasn't too easy to sleep even though my princess was slumbering peacefully. I just kept staring at her & thinking "why"
But this time the bitterness didn't rise up, instead it was gratitude. Instead of thinking "why me God? How could you?" I thought "why me God, THANK YOU"

How many parents don't get to take their child home? Through the loss of my babies I've come to know way too many mothers that left the hospital with empty arms. I'm one of those moms. And through God's grace my daughter came home. Am I saying she was at deaths door? I really can't say, nor will I entertain the thought. All I know is it was dangerous, it was serious, & it was terrifying.

O praise God for His mercy. Praise Him for the blessings we look over daily. For the cries we long to quiet but then ache to hear. Praise him for jelly stained cheeks & sticky fingers. Praise Him for dirty diapers, temper tantrums, & pouty faces.

Praise Him.

The Highly Blessed Supermom

Monday, September 26, 2011

And Yet Another Giveaway!

I'm feeling like the "giveaway lady" lately! But all these great giveaways I've been stumbling across are too good to keep to myself!
This giveaway comes to you via Homeschool Giveaways & Freebies. This website was created by a frugal homeschooling Supermom who wanted to help out other homeschooling families. This is what she has to say...

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Many homeschooling families are struggling to purchase the basic things for their homeschools, so our curriculum store offers rock bottom prices on brand new curriculum from popular publishers.

We also have a an online community where you can get FREE curriculum, and yet another website where we do weekly homeschool related giveaways!

What an awesome blessing! How kind hearted of Carrie to put in all this effort & legwork for us Mommies trying to save a dime or two =)

Now on to the giveaway. Have you heard of Bright Ideas Press? They have wonderful items such as Mystery Of History, Hands On Geography & Wondermaps. Bright Ideas has been kind enough to give a great bundle package to Homeschool Giveaway & Freebies. Somebody will be lucky enough to win some great prizes! Of course I have entered to win, go over & enter yourself!!

The Blessed Supermom

Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Awesome Giveaway!!

I have another awesome giveaway for you! My oh so specular Supersister has an amazing business. She works with Shaklee, have you heard of Shaklee?? They have wonderful products for your health.
The first time I took their Vitamins & had some Energy Tea (that actually tasted good) I was completely amazed at how different I felt. I've been a sluggish girl for some years now, ya know that feeling? That blah kinda feeling? Well, that just went right out the window cuz I felt like a teenager!! The Hubby started taking the Vitalizer & he was impressed & this guy doesn't get impressed easily. Seriously, I'm glad I impressed him when he first spotted me or I'd be without my Big Daddy =D
Anyway, as I said (errr...typed) there is a giveaway goin on & you just have to get on it. Why?Because Shaklee doesn't just have Vitamins or Teas. They have cleaning products too! And guess who's tried em'??
Yep, ME!!
And they're grrreat! Me & Tony the Tiger agree *giggle*
Honestly, I feel real good knowing that the product I'm using is safe for my family & actually works! And when I say safe I mean SAFE. This stuff floored me when I was told all it could do. The all purpose cleaner is so safe you can use it to clean your fruit & veggies....yep.
I know it's true because I've personally done it.
And I'm not dead.
Can you say you can take a bottle of 409 & clean the counter as well as your fruit? Would you be willing to put a peach in your mouth after you washed it down with something that makes your nose hairs burn when wiping the table??
I know I wouldn't. So check out the giveaway.
You'll be happy you did!!

The Blessed Supermom

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Easy Peasy Marinated Chicken

Here's a super easy recipe for yummy marinated chicken.

6 frozen chicken breasts.

1 bottle of Italian dressing.

White rice.

Put chicken breasts in freezer bag and pour Italian dressing over chicken. Freeze. When in need for a quick meal, take out bag and run under warm water for 30 seconds to a minute. Throw chicken in slow cooker and let it go all day. Cook on low or high depending on how soon you want it. When you're just about ready to feed your family dinner cook up some white rice and serve with chicken. Easy peasy. :)

The Blessed Supermom

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sorrow & Beauty

What am I thankful for? This question rang in my mind as I read a blog post at Heavenly Homemaker's on gratitude. I never knew about this link up & I feel now it was God's sweet reminder of sorrow & beauty. 3 years ago this upcoming Friday (16th) my beautiful Hannah girl went straight from being nestled in Mama's tummy to being cradled in Jesus arm's. Her little heart stopped beating after 6 months. That was the most painful season of my life, Hannah Joy's big brother Isaac had just went to Heaven under the same circumstances only 7 months earlier. Losing Isaac was painful, more than words can describe, but when Hannah died it was like getting kicked when you're down. We were still grieving Isaac & the wound was so fresh, it was torn open & I felt beaten, being left for dead. At times I felt like giving up, I wanted to just lay down & die. But God never left me, He fought through the haze that was my mind & my broken heart speaking life into my tattered soul. It took a very long time to recover & to this day I'm still recovering the loss of my children. I believe I will not be fully restored until the day I stand before my Lord & Savior. So what am I thankful for? I'm thankful for my God who never leaves, never forsakes, My Abba Father. I am thankful for my best friend, My husband. Who bore the brunt of this storm on his back & carried me to the feet of Jesus when I was too weakened to stand. I am thankful for my beautiful sister. She did everything I couldn't for my babies, she made difficult, painful, & wretched days into meaningful, grace filled peace. I'm thankful for my daughters. My three girls who lived through this pain with me, they are forever changed & have a strong love & devotion to one another. And they're unborn children. I am thankful that after walking through the valley of the shadow of death...He gave us HOPE. My beautiful girl Hope Joanna Jensen was born alive & well February 9th 2010. Her cries were the most beautiful sound I've heard this side of Heaven. Today & everyday, I am thankful that God chose me to be His child, that He chose this path for me. I am being created to be more like His son through the trials He has put before me. My God is good, He is beautiful, I love Him beyond measure.

The Blessed Supermom

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Amish Peachy Goodness

It's been a fun/busy/sick week, that's why I haven't been blogging much lately. I've had my hands full, but over all it's been good. Yes, there was an entire night of no sleep with an angry baby waking up every 30 mins, then there was also a strange sleepy girl with sniffles and projectile vomiting. But again, the week has gone surprisingly well, we finally opened up the pickles the girlies & I made a few weeks ago & they were soooooo good!! Again, I made something & was truly terrified to taste it because I was more then certain I would keel over & die.
So I made the girls try it =D
They loved em'! I felt so happy & decided to try it & lo & behold...I loved em' too!!!
So apparently, I can make pickles.
Then I decided to play with the Amish Friendship Bread some. I've had the starter for a while now & although it's good (stupid good) a variation was needed. So I tried out this Chocolate Muffin recipe. Yummy!!
My next plan is to try this Lemon Blueberry recipe...oh happy day. Then I think I'm gonna bake some Cherry Cheesecake =)
And on to my next endeavor...PEACHES!!
See, I've been on this canning kick. Ya know putting "up" your harvest for the winter, that's where the pickle idea came from. I thought how nice it would be to have our own pickles
So, onto peaches, I wanted very much to head out to Michigan & get some peaches but unfortunately I can't just up & run outta state. It appears this household relies on me for meals & silly stuff like that.
Anyway, I figured I'd find a U-pick farm but had trouble with that also so I called a fellow Supermom. Not any Supermom but one who happens to be Queen Of The Internet & knows how to save a buck or two, or ten! Really, this Supermom rocks! If I have ANY questions...about ANYTHING, odds are she can find what I need in record time.
Well, she found me a great deal on Peaches @ 68 cents per pound! A 25 lb box was only 15 bux.
So I went a wee bit overboard & bought 50 lbs...yea I know. Big Daddy isn't so pleased right now, but he will be when he gets cobbler.
Anyway I'm excited, I'm already searching the Internet & finding recipes. I plan to make jam, jellies, & can some in a light syrup. I hope to freeze some as well for smoothies, breads, & pies. Hopefully I don't mess this up otherwise we'll have 50lbs of overly sweet smelling mushy muck.
But I think it'll be alright.
Now my beautiful Bear just had a great idea. We have a pear tree at church which is always dropping pears & they promptly get tossed, we plan to snag em' if they're good. So I suppose we'll be playing with pears next, then apples.
Oh boy don't get me started on apples!!

The Blessed Supermom

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Well, I'm not real sure about this one....
I trimmed the Monkey's hair. Now I tried this once before with Bear but her hair is sooooo thick I was scared to ever do it again so I made Monkey the guinea pig.
Hey she's a Guinea Monkey or maybe a Monkey Pig =)
Anyway, it was only spose to be around an inch off & it's more like two. I kept fouling it up & had to trim shorter & shorter. It appears to be OK now & there are a few straggling strands however I'm too traumatized to go any further. I'm worried my poor baby will end up with a buzz cut before I'm through with her.

Truth is I feel terrible, I never wanted my baby's hair this short but she's tickled pink. She wants it shorter!! I asked Bear if she wanted to give it a go but she looked at me like I had a third eye growing outta my head. She does NOT want short hair. If I messed up hers she'd probably opt to wear a wig...

I plan to keep practicing & believe it'll get better & since she doesn't mind I think it'll be OK. Or Cow can play with her hair, she plans to do this sorta thing as a career so she can work on the Monkey Pig =)

The Blessed Supermom

Monday, September 5, 2011

Giveaway & Launch Party!!!

WOWOWOOEEEEEOWOWOW!!! (that's excitement right there)
I have never in my blogging/FB years seen a more amazing giveaway & I follow some awesome blogs & FB pages. But this one takes the cake. I may be saying this because I'm blessed & honored to know this over the top Supermom but I don't think so.
I mean yea, she is truly awesome & I love her to pieces but I have to say, friendship aside..this giveaway knocked my socks off. My good friend is launching a new blog & the goal is to help Mama's in their attempts at training Godly young girls & assisting them in their walk to be Keepers of the Home. It is a 32 week study & she is coming alongside some more amazing women in this task.
This is a subject very near & dear to my heart because God has blessed me with four daughters. I long to see them grow into women that please the Lord.
And even if you don't have any little girls at home don't think this is a giveaway you can't be a prat of. There is so much you can benefit from. There are magazine subscriptions, cookbooks, & all sorts of items you can use towards presents for the upcoming holidays!
I hope you take a look at this awesome giveaway & enter to win some great stuff, you won't be disappointed!

The Blessed Supermom

Training Our Daughters: Welcome to the GIVEAWAY and LAUNCH PARTY!: © cherie > / photoXpress Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Can you sense my enthusiasm?! God has given me this excitement and anticipation...

Sunday, September 4, 2011


This is what happens when the washer breaks. I've been avoiding it ya know...this wicked thing. But when there's nothing left to cover the derriere..well, ya gotta wash clothes.
I wish I could say this was an easy task but let me give you an idea of my laundering adventure. I used four 30 lb washers & one top load washer. Then there were 4 dryers to use, that puts us at a total of $24.50...
To wash clothes >{
Oh but let's not forget sorting, matching outfits & socks, folding, hanging...the total of time spent?? Six hours!
Then we had the Cow issue, although Cow doesn't know there was a Cow issue however, if Cow reads this she'll know now about the issue. For some reason her clothes didn't wash good, they all had a funky smell. I had to rewash all of them but I couldn't do that last night, guess who was at the laundromat again? Yep, me.
I went today while she was in school (yes she's in school, no she's not homeschooled, yes I'd like her to be but she's not OK?? We're not gonna go there..)
Anyway, I went today borrowing my Mama's car & washed as fast as I possibly could cuz she had to hurry home. Thankfully the dryer works so I could move a lot faster & get home. At the laundromat I added a 1/2 cup of vinegar to the wash cycle cuz I heard it can help with odors, I was kinda afraid that my daughter would smell like a big giant pickle! But guess what?? The clothes smelled great! No weird funky unexplained odor & no pickles!!
Yay me!!
So I happily come home & quickly dump the clothes in the dryer in the basement, add the fabric softener sheets, put the quarters in & fly upstairs.
I said bye to Mama & set the timer for 10 minutes, Cow has a few tee's that can shrink so they just get a quick dry. After I scatter myself around the house & clean a cute but sticky baby I race back downstairs to find the dryer isn't going..gettin a wee bit testy at this point.
OK, now run back up the stairs, oh heck who am I kidding?? I struggled for breath as I hobbled up the stairs..
I called the landlord to let him know that the dryer was broke too. However when I went back downstairs to check again I found that I didn't push the quarters in...duh.
So here I am all pooped & mind you in the middle of this we're having school, the girls got a lesson in the need for daily exercise.
After ten minutes I have to rush back down & pull out Cow's incredibly shrinking shirts & guess what?? They stink again!!
I'm a mad Mama now.
Anyway, I can't go to the laundromat again so I pull ALL the tee's out & spray the daylights outta them with febreeze & let em' air dry.
That seemed to work cuz now they're all purdy. I can't say I know exactly what the stinking shirt issue was but maybe the washer was hateful & wanted to ruin my day.
Mean hateful washer...
Ya know, I used to complain about the up & down laundry hike I hated it, honestly hated it with a passion. But I will never complain again. This little adventure into the world of laundry H-E-double hockey sticks has taught me to be grateful for what I have, no matter how inconvenient.
That said, I need to go do some laundry.

The Blessed Supermom

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Missing Him...

It's one of those nights. I'm missing him...
I love them both.
God knows I do. But sometimes I miss HIM.
He's my boy. My only boy....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Simple Woman's Day Book

A Day in August

Outside My Window...looking out onto a calm cool day & trees blowing in the slow breeze

I am thinking...gee, is that egg ever gonna get to room temperature? Are those banana's gonna thaw? And what happened to all my white flour??? Today is my cooking/freezing for the week, needless to say I'm less than prepared...

I am thankful....that I have a full refrigerator & pantry. It wasn't to long ago that things were getting scarce, but God provides. Jehovah-jireh..

From the learning room...I'm really happy to see my little Monkey girl doing so well in math. She's using MUS just like her big sis & following in her footsteps of amazing her Mama. I'm also getting ready to start creating some busy bags for the wee Piglet so she can help things a bit calm for school time. Ha!

From the kitchen...well as I already pointed out things are going a bit cockeyed in the kitchen department. As long as I have dinner ready for the hubby when he gets home I'll be happy.

I am wearing...really? We're not gonna go there, let's just say nobody better come to the door cuz I'm soooooo not answering it!!

I am creating...a mess. In my kitchen. Did we not just go over this???

I am hearing...the girlies squeal. They're having a morning break from school & they're taking turns pretending one's the baby & the other is the Mama. Hence the squealing.

Around the house....laundry is piling up. The washer is out of commission, not at all a good thing for a family of six. Tonight I'll be headed to the laundromat with oodles of laundry. Literally...oodles.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...

This is the hubby with his ridiculously large doughnut. He was a VERY happy man =)

The Blessed Supermom

Time To Make The Doughnuts

OK, So I'm really not making doughnuts but today is what I call "cook til I'm crazy & pulling out my hair preparing for the week til I fall over in a heap & cry day" But that title is too long.... Anyway, this is my first day back in the saddle, I've been off this cooking ahead of time thing for months because of my Bear's mystery tummy issues. Well now that she is well I can get back to cooking like I'm used to. I plan to get up early & get movin but there are a few differences now as opposed to a few months back. For example, the girls have their school work & Little Miss Monkey is getting started on learning to read. Fun.... Then we have the wee piggers. She is on & off with morning naps. I had taken them out of her schedule so she'd sleep better at night for me & she does. But lately she's been acting as though she NEEDS those naps so I'm giving them to her. Needless to say as all you Supermamas know my days can be quite erratic. Now we're used to having school with a little one wanting attention but for me to be cooking/baking/ freezing during school time with Piggie wrapping herself around my leg? Now, that's a challenge. I'll just see what happens & let ya know. So here's whats cookin' Slow Cooker Yogurt
Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes
Double Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
Rice Pudding

Cut, Cook, & Brown Beef for Tacos
Mix & Season Beef for Slow Cooker Meatloaf (replacing BBQ sauce for ketchup)
Brown & Season turkey for
Tator Tot Casserole
Make 2 bags of
World's Easiest Make-Ahead Marinated Chicken
Frozen Banana Bites
Frijoles De La Olla
Set up Veggie Tray

Now I'm not saying ALL of this will get done, these are just my goals. As of right now I have long grain rice & I need short for the pudding. I NEED to make mayo for the muffins (moistness) but dunno if I'll have time. And...I'm not real sure if I have hamburger for the meatloaf....hmmmm???
Anyway, you get my point, I'm not gonna make myself extra special crazy. I'm just gonna do my best. One thing I absolutely positively GUARANTEE is the cookies will get baked!!

The Blessed Supermom

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just A Quick Hola!

Just wanted to pop in and give a holla! I'm currently hiding in my mother in laws potty. I'm picking up extra work by cleaning her beautiful yet ginourmous house! The girlies are with me, they did some school & now chilaxxin in front of the set. Piggie however is highly ticked that for the moment, she is not the center of the universe. Hence, the hiding in the bathroom. I have little more yet to go & then I have to go home & clean MY house...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I'm not gonna make a ton of sense here, just gonna complain. A lot.
Oh & my spelling may just look like a second grader, I don't care. I woke up this morning to a smiling happy baby, a rarity lately as her royal pigginess has evil wicked bones protruding through her tender gums.
Anyway, she woke up all happy & smiley & I thought YAY!! we're looking forward to a good day here. Then lo & behold I stood up, see I was sitting on the sofa. Apparently she can only be happy if I'm sitting or at least that's what it was this morning. This afternoon it could be to walk backwards on my hands wearing clown clothes singing Old Susanna.
Anyway, it's been rough since. I walked into the kitchen to find the Monkey standing on the counter. We don't call her Monkey "just cuz" Commence wicked Mommy stare down & talking through gritted teeth to the little girl with deer caught in the headlights look.
Then there was the incident with the Amish...
No, I didn't have a bunch of meek people yelling gently at me, it was the bread. Amish bread.
If you've ever made the 10 day yummy goodness you know it's really simple stuff. If not, it's really simple stuff OK?
Anyway, ya use starter, basically you have this bag of batter goo & it ferments for 10 days. Yes, it's safe & no it's not gross. So after the 10 days there's enough batter to bake 2 loaves of bread & give away 3 bags (cup each) of starter to friends. give away 2 & keep one. That's what I do. But today, I dropped about a cup of MY starter.
Then we have the ants. Lots of vile little crawling things that are from the pits of hell & they want to destroy me & eat my soul.
OK, not so much but either way I don't like bugs in my home. Well, I had to get down & seriously scrub the floor because this Amish starter stuff is sticky. And ants like sticky.
Then the phone rings, important call, gotta take it...but what? What's that noise? Keys? Whaaa??? Why is the Hubby coming home now?
Lemme just answer the door for him "eh, excuse me important person but can you hold on for one moment?"
Trip over toys, move toys, open door, scream.
Not the hubby but the exterminator.
That was fun....
So now we have the important person on phone, gooey sugary starter spill, a strange man parading through my bedroom, ants running for cover, & screaming baby who now smells kinda funky.
I politely get off the phone, smile & make small talk with exterminator guy & the whole time I'm holding my ever so stinky baby on my hip. After things calm down a bit & piggy has a fresh bottom I get to baking the bread.
Yes, I washed my hands! Geesh..
Something seems off about the Amish batter though, it seems extra stinky. I mean this stuff usually has an odor but I keep getting a whiff of something extra special. And as I go about my day of interesting chaos, there's that wafting little something letting me know I've missed something. I check the trash, move stuff on the counter, look behind the fridge but I can't find anything.
However, it's almost like everywhere I go that smell just kinda pops up.
After several hours of this odd unanswerable question I find the culprit!
It's me!!
Looks like Piglet poop leaked on my shirt.

The Blessed Supermom

Wordless Wednesday

The Wee Piggie started givin' us this
too cute cheesy grin. Love it!

The Blessed Supermom

Monday, August 22, 2011

All About Me Monday!

Here's the Meet Me On Monday questions. For all you people who just can't get enough of me!!

1. What is your favorite food?

Well, this question is just downright cruel! I only get to pick one?? Hmmmm....if I have to pick just one then the first thing that pops into my head is tacos! I'm a mesican ya know! There is sooooo much variety with tacos. Pork, chicken, steak, beans or no beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, cheese. Chile Relleno tacos, al pastor, tacos de papas. The list is endless!!

2. What color scheme is your bedroom?

OK so there really isn't much of a scheme to my room. It's multicolored! Ya know why?? Cuz there's clothes & toys scattered everywhere! So there ya color scheme is rainbow...

3. Do you carry a donor card?

Yeup...although I hafta be freaks me out.

4. In your opinion, is the glass half empty or half full?

Well, half empty just sounds natural. But it also sounds depressing, it kinda makes my brain hurt when I say "the glass is half empty" I think all our lives we're told if we think it's half empty it's a big fat stinkin no-no. But can't half empty be a positive thing? Like half empty glass of Metamucil? Or half empty glass of too tart lemonade??

5. Vanilla or Chocolate?

Again with the only one choice thing?!??!!! Come on! Okay, I can do this. If I absolutely have to pick one I'd say chocolate. Oh wait...maybe vanilla?? No no chocolate, wait! Vanilla!! Crud, I'll just stick to the chocolate...maybe.

The Blessed Supermom