Thursday, October 20, 2011

Get Dressed Challenge Day 4

Today's challenge was quite simple.
I dunno but do I have a less than lovely aroma through the Internet??
Actually, she had a good point, not that I don't bathe myself or anything. But what we were challenged to do today was carve out time to pamper ourselves a bit. Not just jump in the shower & jump out throwing your hair up in a ponytail & GO!!
But to slow down & have a peaceful shower without racing to the next "important thing"
And to actually try to do this every "stinkin" day.
Okay ladies, lets try to be real.
Do you take that time out for yourself every single day?? Do you have more than a 5 minute spray? And if so...are your legs still hairy?
Ooohhhh...steppin on toes right??
Well, the challenge is to figure out when you can make this uninterrupted time & relax. It may work in the early hours or after every one has gone to bed. Either way, get in the shower with your loofah & some sweet smelling body wash, take a break, & slow down.

The Blessed Supermom

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