Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Simple Woman's Day Book

A Day in August

Outside My Window...looking out onto a calm cool day & trees blowing in the slow breeze

I am thinking...gee, is that egg ever gonna get to room temperature? Are those banana's gonna thaw? And what happened to all my white flour??? Today is my cooking/freezing for the week, needless to say I'm less than prepared...

I am thankful....that I have a full refrigerator & pantry. It wasn't to long ago that things were getting scarce, but God provides. Jehovah-jireh..

From the learning room...I'm really happy to see my little Monkey girl doing so well in math. She's using MUS just like her big sis & following in her footsteps of amazing her Mama. I'm also getting ready to start creating some busy bags for the wee Piglet so she can help things a bit calm for school time. Ha!

From the kitchen...well as I already pointed out things are going a bit cockeyed in the kitchen department. As long as I have dinner ready for the hubby when he gets home I'll be happy.

I am wearing...really? We're not gonna go there, let's just say nobody better come to the door cuz I'm soooooo not answering it!!

I am creating...a mess. In my kitchen. Did we not just go over this???

I am hearing...the girlies squeal. They're having a morning break from school & they're taking turns pretending one's the baby & the other is the Mama. Hence the squealing.

Around the house....laundry is piling up. The washer is out of commission, not at all a good thing for a family of six. Tonight I'll be headed to the laundromat with oodles of laundry. Literally...oodles.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...

This is the hubby with his ridiculously large doughnut. He was a VERY happy man =)

The Blessed Supermom

Time To Make The Doughnuts

OK, So I'm really not making doughnuts but today is what I call "cook til I'm crazy & pulling out my hair preparing for the week til I fall over in a heap & cry day" But that title is too long.... Anyway, this is my first day back in the saddle, I've been off this cooking ahead of time thing for months because of my Bear's mystery tummy issues. Well now that she is well I can get back to cooking like I'm used to. I plan to get up early & get movin but there are a few differences now as opposed to a few months back. For example, the girls have their school work & Little Miss Monkey is getting started on learning to read. Fun.... Then we have the wee piggers. She is on & off with morning naps. I had taken them out of her schedule so she'd sleep better at night for me & she does. But lately she's been acting as though she NEEDS those naps so I'm giving them to her. Needless to say as all you Supermamas know my days can be quite erratic. Now we're used to having school with a little one wanting attention but for me to be cooking/baking/ freezing during school time with Piggie wrapping herself around my leg? Now, that's a challenge. I'll just see what happens & let ya know. So here's whats cookin' Slow Cooker Yogurt
Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes
Double Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
Rice Pudding

Cut, Cook, & Brown Beef for Tacos
Mix & Season Beef for Slow Cooker Meatloaf (replacing BBQ sauce for ketchup)
Brown & Season turkey for
Tator Tot Casserole
Make 2 bags of
World's Easiest Make-Ahead Marinated Chicken
Frozen Banana Bites
Frijoles De La Olla
Set up Veggie Tray

Now I'm not saying ALL of this will get done, these are just my goals. As of right now I have long grain rice & I need short for the pudding. I NEED to make mayo for the muffins (moistness) but dunno if I'll have time. And...I'm not real sure if I have hamburger for the meatloaf....hmmmm???
Anyway, you get my point, I'm not gonna make myself extra special crazy. I'm just gonna do my best. One thing I absolutely positively GUARANTEE is the cookies will get baked!!

The Blessed Supermom

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just A Quick Hola!

Just wanted to pop in and give a holla! I'm currently hiding in my mother in laws potty. I'm picking up extra work by cleaning her beautiful yet ginourmous house! The girlies are with me, they did some school & now chilaxxin in front of the set. Piggie however is highly ticked that for the moment, she is not the center of the universe. Hence, the hiding in the bathroom. I have little more yet to go & then I have to go home & clean MY house...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I'm not gonna make a ton of sense here, just gonna complain. A lot.
Oh & my spelling may just look like a second grader, I don't care. I woke up this morning to a smiling happy baby, a rarity lately as her royal pigginess has evil wicked bones protruding through her tender gums.
Anyway, she woke up all happy & smiley & I thought YAY!! we're looking forward to a good day here. Then lo & behold I stood up, see I was sitting on the sofa. Apparently she can only be happy if I'm sitting or at least that's what it was this morning. This afternoon it could be to walk backwards on my hands wearing clown clothes singing Old Susanna.
Anyway, it's been rough since. I walked into the kitchen to find the Monkey standing on the counter. We don't call her Monkey "just cuz" Commence wicked Mommy stare down & talking through gritted teeth to the little girl with deer caught in the headlights look.
Then there was the incident with the Amish...
No, I didn't have a bunch of meek people yelling gently at me, it was the bread. Amish bread.
If you've ever made the 10 day yummy goodness you know it's really simple stuff. If not, it's really simple stuff OK?
Anyway, ya use starter, basically you have this bag of batter goo & it ferments for 10 days. Yes, it's safe & no it's not gross. So after the 10 days there's enough batter to bake 2 loaves of bread & give away 3 bags (cup each) of starter to friends.
OOOoorrrrrRRr...you give away 2 & keep one. That's what I do. But today, I dropped about a cup of MY starter.
Then we have the ants. Lots of vile little crawling things that are from the pits of hell & they want to destroy me & eat my soul.
OK, not so much but either way I don't like bugs in my home. Well, I had to get down & seriously scrub the floor because this Amish starter stuff is sticky. And ants like sticky.
Then the phone rings, important call, gotta take it...but what? What's that noise? Keys? Whaaa??? Why is the Hubby coming home now?
Lemme just answer the door for him "eh, excuse me important person but can you hold on for one moment?"
Trip over toys, move toys, open door, scream.
Not the hubby but the exterminator.
That was fun....
So now we have the important person on phone, gooey sugary starter spill, a strange man parading through my bedroom, ants running for cover, & screaming baby who now smells kinda funky.
I politely get off the phone, smile & make small talk with exterminator guy & the whole time I'm holding my ever so stinky baby on my hip. After things calm down a bit & piggy has a fresh bottom I get to baking the bread.
Yes, I washed my hands! Geesh..
Something seems off about the Amish batter though, it seems extra stinky. I mean this stuff usually has an odor but I keep getting a whiff of something extra special. And as I go about my day of interesting chaos, there's that wafting little something letting me know I've missed something. I check the trash, move stuff on the counter, look behind the fridge but I can't find anything.
However, it's almost like everywhere I go that smell just kinda pops up.
After several hours of this odd unanswerable question I find the culprit!
It's me!!
Looks like Piglet poop leaked on my shirt.

The Blessed Supermom

Wordless Wednesday

The Wee Piggie started givin' us this
too cute cheesy grin. Love it!

The Blessed Supermom

Monday, August 22, 2011

All About Me Monday!

Here's the Meet Me On Monday questions. For all you people who just can't get enough of me!!

1. What is your favorite food?

Well, this question is just downright cruel! I only get to pick one?? Hmmmm....if I have to pick just one then the first thing that pops into my head is tacos! I'm a mesican ya know! There is sooooo much variety with tacos. Pork, chicken, steak, beans or no beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, cheese. Chile Relleno tacos, al pastor, tacos de papas. The list is endless!!

2. What color scheme is your bedroom?

OK so there really isn't much of a scheme to my room. It's multicolored! Ya know why?? Cuz there's clothes & toys scattered everywhere! So there ya go...my color scheme is rainbow...

3. Do you carry a donor card?

Yeup...although I hafta be honest...it freaks me out.

4. In your opinion, is the glass half empty or half full?

Well, half empty just sounds natural. But it also sounds depressing, it kinda makes my brain hurt when I say "the glass is half empty" I think all our lives we're told if we think it's half empty it's a big fat stinkin no-no. But can't half empty be a positive thing? Like half empty glass of Metamucil? Or half empty glass of too tart lemonade??

5. Vanilla or Chocolate?

Again with the only one choice thing?!??!!! Come on! Okay, I can do this. If I absolutely have to pick one I'd say chocolate. Oh wait...maybe vanilla?? No no chocolate, wait! Vanilla!! Crud, I'll just stick to the chocolate...maybe.

The Blessed Supermom

School Is Back In Session

Long time no see...I mean type =D

Anyway, you would think over the summer months it would be easier for me to blog right?
Turns out the girlies want my attention & stuff like that. And ya know what? Three people shorter than me are actually quite organized. They did things like tag team all night waking me up then want pancakes in the morning followed by laughter & games! Seriously, that's a lot from one Mama..
Well, we had a really nice summer. We went swimmin by Grandma's a few times, had a great time at Six Flags, & had a ridiculously awesome time with our homeschool group on the 4th. Our summer was packed with all sorts of health issues too. My lil Bear had a lot of tummy troubles. I had to put her on a special diet, take her to multiple appointments, she had lots of needles stuck in her, & my baby was even sedated & had a scope stuck down her throat.
I was not a happy Mama during that last one, I never prayed so hard in a hospital hallway my whole life! Hopefully, I wont have to do that again for a very long time!! Like when I'm old, gray, & wrinkled & in some weird out of body experience where I'm praying for myself. Well, it's not like I want to be praying all hard for someone else I care about...but I'm rambling now.
As you can gather my summer was pretty full & blogging was way at the bottom of my list. But now that the girlies are sitting at the table I can type a bit.
Yay me!

Our first day is pretty laid back & the work load is light so as Bear would say things are "easy peasy" That is if it wasn't for The Homeschool Tyrant...

Yes, this is The Piggie Tyrant laughing at me...seriously, at me. See those two white boxes behind her? Under that is one of those plastic bins used for storage. Well, I use em' for school, notice how it's slightly open? Piggie thought it would be hysterical to tear into that bin & the boxes on top, then thought it was even funnier for Mama to crawl around on the floor trying to stop her. You know how this goes right? I snag something from her & put it back in the bin, she pulls out 4 more "toys" then she laughs at me.
Since I was already on the floor & apparently she was winning I figured I'd take a pic =)

My little Monkey girl was way more cooperative, excited actually. She kept telling me she didn't want her little bit of morning play time, she wanted to do school.

She even put on a dress! Now that may not seem like a big deal but for this girl to where a dress is like asking a dog to fall in love with a cat & have little mouse babies.
OK, maybe that was a little weird but you get the point right? The kid don't dress up but she did for school so this Mama is encouraged.

Then I have my oh so wonderful gentle flower, she makes me so happy.

She tries so hard & doesn't give up. Bear is downright brilliant when it comes to logic. Math, analytical thinking, deductive reasoning. Honestly, I'm not too quick in those areas but it's where she flourishes. She's my struggling reader but I know when it "clicks" she'll take off like wildfire. She dressed up too, when school began she was rockin the Little Red Riding Hood gear *happy mama smiles*

And so here we are, first day of school & the girlies are just about to wrap things up. We are start our study on the state of Alabama this afternoon & I can't wait til Thursday...we're making a pecan pie! The pecan is Alabama's official nut...hmmm...kinda like me!!

Oh & one last thing, I had to add a pic of the piggie not being so much of a tyrant...she's just too darn cute!

The Blessed Supermom