Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Simple Woman's Day Book

A Day in August

Outside My Window...looking out onto a calm cool day & trees blowing in the slow breeze

I am thinking...gee, is that egg ever gonna get to room temperature? Are those banana's gonna thaw? And what happened to all my white flour??? Today is my cooking/freezing for the week, needless to say I'm less than prepared...

I am thankful....that I have a full refrigerator & pantry. It wasn't to long ago that things were getting scarce, but God provides. Jehovah-jireh..

From the learning room...I'm really happy to see my little Monkey girl doing so well in math. She's using MUS just like her big sis & following in her footsteps of amazing her Mama. I'm also getting ready to start creating some busy bags for the wee Piglet so she can help things a bit calm for school time. Ha!

From the kitchen...well as I already pointed out things are going a bit cockeyed in the kitchen department. As long as I have dinner ready for the hubby when he gets home I'll be happy.

I am wearing...really? We're not gonna go there, let's just say nobody better come to the door cuz I'm soooooo not answering it!!

I am creating...a mess. In my kitchen. Did we not just go over this???

I am hearing...the girlies squeal. They're having a morning break from school & they're taking turns pretending one's the baby & the other is the Mama. Hence the squealing.

Around the house....laundry is piling up. The washer is out of commission, not at all a good thing for a family of six. Tonight I'll be headed to the laundromat with oodles of laundry. Literally...oodles.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...

This is the hubby with his ridiculously large doughnut. He was a VERY happy man =)

The Blessed Supermom

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