Monday, August 22, 2011

School Is Back In Session

Long time no see...I mean type =D

Anyway, you would think over the summer months it would be easier for me to blog right?
Turns out the girlies want my attention & stuff like that. And ya know what? Three people shorter than me are actually quite organized. They did things like tag team all night waking me up then want pancakes in the morning followed by laughter & games! Seriously, that's a lot from one Mama..
Well, we had a really nice summer. We went swimmin by Grandma's a few times, had a great time at Six Flags, & had a ridiculously awesome time with our homeschool group on the 4th. Our summer was packed with all sorts of health issues too. My lil Bear had a lot of tummy troubles. I had to put her on a special diet, take her to multiple appointments, she had lots of needles stuck in her, & my baby was even sedated & had a scope stuck down her throat.
I was not a happy Mama during that last one, I never prayed so hard in a hospital hallway my whole life! Hopefully, I wont have to do that again for a very long time!! Like when I'm old, gray, & wrinkled & in some weird out of body experience where I'm praying for myself. Well, it's not like I want to be praying all hard for someone else I care about...but I'm rambling now.
As you can gather my summer was pretty full & blogging was way at the bottom of my list. But now that the girlies are sitting at the table I can type a bit.
Yay me!

Our first day is pretty laid back & the work load is light so as Bear would say things are "easy peasy" That is if it wasn't for The Homeschool Tyrant...

Yes, this is The Piggie Tyrant laughing at me...seriously, at me. See those two white boxes behind her? Under that is one of those plastic bins used for storage. Well, I use em' for school, notice how it's slightly open? Piggie thought it would be hysterical to tear into that bin & the boxes on top, then thought it was even funnier for Mama to crawl around on the floor trying to stop her. You know how this goes right? I snag something from her & put it back in the bin, she pulls out 4 more "toys" then she laughs at me.
Since I was already on the floor & apparently she was winning I figured I'd take a pic =)

My little Monkey girl was way more cooperative, excited actually. She kept telling me she didn't want her little bit of morning play time, she wanted to do school.

She even put on a dress! Now that may not seem like a big deal but for this girl to where a dress is like asking a dog to fall in love with a cat & have little mouse babies.
OK, maybe that was a little weird but you get the point right? The kid don't dress up but she did for school so this Mama is encouraged.

Then I have my oh so wonderful gentle flower, she makes me so happy.

She tries so hard & doesn't give up. Bear is downright brilliant when it comes to logic. Math, analytical thinking, deductive reasoning. Honestly, I'm not too quick in those areas but it's where she flourishes. She's my struggling reader but I know when it "clicks" she'll take off like wildfire. She dressed up too, when school began she was rockin the Little Red Riding Hood gear *happy mama smiles*

And so here we are, first day of school & the girlies are just about to wrap things up. We are start our study on the state of Alabama this afternoon & I can't wait til Thursday...we're making a pecan pie! The pecan is Alabama's official nut...hmmm...kinda like me!!

Oh & one last thing, I had to add a pic of the piggie not being so much of a tyrant...she's just too darn cute!

The Blessed Supermom

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