Monday, January 30, 2012

Smooshed Pop Tarts In My Sofa

So I'm just sitting here nice & chill when I notice what appears to be cracker crumbs on the sofa, being the wonderful Supermom that I am I pick it up & clean the couch.
Wait, scratch that...I attempt to pick it up, turns out it's left over pop tart squished into the sofa.
I don't know about you but I'm not real tickled about stuff like this especially considering I just washed the sofas a week ago.
Honestly our furniture doesn't look like it came straight out of a Martha Stewart magazine more like "Second Hand & Faded Decor" but I like it...sorta.
Either way, I do like clean. Just ask my kids, I'm a wee bit nuts about it.
Well, thankfully this time instead of seeing red & howling like a wild banshee I tried to put it into perspective.
See I have a sticky sofa right now, & in the past there has been pb&j fingerprints on my window & then there's the occasional mysterious underwear in the bathroom....hidden behind the toilet...with unmentionable contents.

Well, this is the season of my life.

There's gonna be a time when I'm not wincing because I've stepped on an oh so pointy toy, or washing dirty little fingerprints off the wall.
And ya know what?? I don't really like the thought of that. Sure, I like the thought of being alone with The Hubby but when all my babies are grown & there's no more wee people in my home there will be just a bit less laughter to listen to.

So I suppose the sticky couch will just have to get washed again, and I'll try my best not to get loopy when it gets a special dose of kiddy attention.

The Blessed Supermom

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Date Night Failure

Okay maybe that title is harsh because the company was great but everything else was not so great. The Hubby & I decided to see a movie & skip dinner. We usually try to do both but this time got crazy & skipped the norm cuz we're wild like that.
We decided on "The Grey" it's a movie about a group of men whose plane goes down & they are left to fend for themselves in harsh arctic weather. If that's not bad enough there are wolves hunting them.

*side note* I really thought it was one little bad wolfie. Really.

This is what the trailer & commercials lead you to believe that it's a movie of survival, man against beast, good vs evil.
Well, it ain't.

It's more along the lines of depressing & how many different ways can someone be mauled by a wolf. Now, I know what you're thinking "duh, it's a movie about wolves hunting men" again, I really believed it was one bad wolfie. I had no idea there were a gergillion wolves that were as huge as horses...very angry, violent, furry, red eyed horses.

Then there's the hugely depressing aspect of it.
Liam Neason is downright in a funky foul mood the whole time because his wife has left him. However, even though she has left him the memories he has shared with her is his motivation to fight to survive. Well, guess what?? She's dead! Yeup! As a doornail.
There's more stuff but you get my drift.

Over all the movie itself was downright bad, I mean the concept in my opinion is very good. The idea of not only fighting the elements but fighting a wild animal! I mean maybe God gave me a touch too much testosterone but I like to see some action sometimes. For the most part The Hubby & I watch comedies (nothing foul), family friendly, & inspirational type movie's but as I said I like a little rough & tumble sometimes.

Unfortunately this was a HUGE waist of time.

As we walked to our car we talked about how disappointed the movie was & Big Daddy commented that Howard The Duck was better, this is what he thought of the movie...

Yep, he threw up...nah he didn't but you get the point.

Anyway, we walked on & I decided to get my eyebrows done. Remember that's one of my challenges for the year also, to pamper myself a bit. Hubby didn't mind waiting as I got my eyebrows threaded. I was happy because the woman who did a great job last time was there & I trusted her. Well maybe I didn't tip her enough last time or maybe her panties were in a bunch, either way she went way too thin on them & when I looked at them in the mirror I was less then pleased. I told her they were way too thin, she smiled & said "yes, I know you don't like them thin"
She does have broken English so there's a good possibility she was misunderstanding me but she did understand when i asked her to use the shadow to fill them in some. Well, that was a disaster! I looked like CooCoo the Clown!!
The Hubby's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw me & he doesn't notice anything!!
So to wrap up my day in a nutshell, I saw a terrible movie that literally sucked up two hours of my life I can never get back & had hair ripped out of my face only to be accosted by a make up brush.
So this is how my challenges are going thus fear. I gotta say I'm kinda worried about the impending marshmallow adventure.

The Blessed Supermom

Monday, January 23, 2012


How is it that one tiny little person can wield so much power?? This angry midget had me under her volatile spell all day!
The piglet (or should I say wild boar) had a Doc appointment this morning, it was a follow up to her hospital stay back in late September. My ever so calm & not remotely violent Princess Bear had to see doc as well so off we went. I should of known that when the sun was afraid to come out to keep my head under the covers but nope, I'm a daring kind of girl.
Anyway, Piggie has been sick. She had a cold that settled in both ears & although the cold was quite pleased with it's new surroundings piggie was steady calling for an eviction.
Ya know, it was kinda like a siren wailing until your one eyeball felt like it was gonna pop??
Well, doc gave her an antibiotic & her pain cleared up but the cold didn't she was still clingy & crabby.
Then Saturday she starts getting a rash & I figure she must of got a little too much soy at some point today. She's allergic & it's in EVERYTHING.
I give her some benedryl then off to bed. Sunday morning I experienced something I've never experienced before.
I consider myself a seasoned mom. No, I don't know everything but I'm not wet behind the ears either. I know what to do when there's poop everywhere & wipes are no where to be found. I know what to do when my baby is twisting up like a pretzal while her toosh is covered in poop. I know how to keep calm when I realize there's poop on my hands, shirt, & pants.
Now you may be thinking, wow she talks about poop a lot. But this is the subject of my ever so interesting Sunday morning. In the early serene hours, quiet & peacefully piggie & I cuddle up on each other. When I get a whiff of that familiar scent I don't even want to let her go that is until I realize my shirt & pants are a little wet.
Great! Diarrhea...cha cha cha...yay.
So I get all prepared, here's how it looks...smelly stinky & still cute baby on the floor, wipes open with 4 or 5 out & ready, A&D ointment, ample supply of bags for disposal. I knew what I was walking into because she has had this issue the past few days. But maybe I got to cocky?? Pride comes before the fall, even poopy falls. Well, when I opened her diaper her bootie had become a faucet & her diaper no longer wanted to be a sink. Soooo....there was abundant overflow. I actually howled in shock. Wipes was not gonna cover this so thankfully my helpful Bear was right there & we survived it together.
She's allergic to the antibiotic given her to for the ear infections.

Okay so that's some background to set you up for today, giving you perspective as to the level of how tightly I'm wound when we all go to this appointment.
As I said how can a person who doesn't even reach my waist have the ability to cut me off at the knees? I wonder if she's really a crime family enforcer!!
"The Mini Mangler"
"Tiny Torturer"
You get the point.

This little love of mine screamed at the top of her lungs for 2 hours!!! The dr & nurse had to talk over her because I couldn't hear at all. Nothing calmed her. Nothing. There was nothing physically wrong, she was just ticked. Really really ticked. I found it very difficult to keep trucking a long & to continue being nice when strangers kept giving me that "you poor thing smile"
In my mind I'm thinking I want to beat the daylights outta someone & you just may be that person so stop smiling at me.
So now I'm home & she is screaming & has been all day.Oh, and I'm hiding.
I am a Supermom today because I said so.

The Blessed Supermom

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Long Time & A Challenge

Well, yes it's been a long time & yes I'm sorry. I've been a bad blogger but I've been a good Mama so I think it evens out.
With the holidays blogging was seriously not on my mind. I had so much more to do with my girlies like baking, cooking, decorating. Then we had our school break & The Hubby was on vacation as well.
So, that's my excuse...K?

Now, I've decided to do a "12 month challenge"
Here's how it works, I will commit to trying/doing something new every month as well as some personal goals.

So here's my list...

January- Homemade Marshmallows
February-Learn to Knit
March-Make Homemade Cream Cheese
April-Window Herb Garden
May-Sew a dress for the Piglet (nope, I don't know how to use a sewing machine)
June-Homemade Cream Cheese
July- Homemade Sunflower Seed Butter (Piglet is allergic to PB)
August-Homemade Ice Cream
September-Homemade Cottage Cheese
October-Homemade Foaming Peppermint Hand Soap
November-Homemade Seasoning Mix ( Taco, Ranch, Onion Soup )
December-Homemade Body Scrubs (I hope to use these as Christmas gifts)

Some personal goals for the year 2012 are;

1. Have a date night with The Hubby once a month.

2. Lose 40 lbs, now I'm not telling you my starting weight & you can't see me so you have absolutely NO CLUE what I'll end up looking like. I mean maybe I'll be rail thin & maybe I'll still have some junk in my trunk. But considering it has just recently come to my attention that my trunk is scraping the sidewalk I think it's time to get crackin'.

3. Decorate my apartment!! Woo hoo!! This one I'm uber excited about! Hubby says since we will be staying in this apartment another year I get X amount of dollars to fancy it up a bit. I'm really happy about that because since we've moved from a house to an apartment things have been sorta modge podge haphazard. This will be nice =D

4. Paint the entire apartment no later than April. This will not be nice...

5. Get my eyebrows threaded once a month. Now I know this may appear immature & really dopey but honestly I do very little for myself. I often put my children's wants/needs before my own as many of us do. I think it's okay to take time to pamper myself a bit considering I found a place that threads cheap & I can sit & have some time reading a book after. Besides, not getting my eyebrows done tends to make me look somewhat like a sasquatch.

Spiritual Goals;

1. Read the Bible in 90 days. I'm using this plan on my YouVersion App. I am a few days behind but considering that in just over a week I've read 2 books of the Bible I think that's pretty good. An added bonus, for me at least, is reading it on my droid. It is always in my purse or even in my jean pocket, that means I can read it ANYWHERE. Waiting at the Drs office, during lunch, taking a potty break or "I'm hiding from you using the bathroom as an excuse!!" break.

2. I also plan to deal with some very tough childhood issues this year, actually the group I will be involved in is a 2 year program. It deals with a very difficult area of my past that is most definitely wreaking havoc on my present & could most certainly affect the future. This one is gonna be painful but my children deserve the best of me & God will never leave me. I know he will be holding my hand the entire time & carrying me when I need it.

Well, these are my goals & as of yet they aren't too scary. I plan to post them as I try to give each one a go. I hope to get those marshmallows whipped up soon.

The Blessed Supermom

Friday, January 13, 2012

Nell My Belle

This is my favorite niece in the whole wide world! Well she's my only niece but if I had more she would be my fave.

This is Nell My Belle.

She is an awesome kid, all the qualities you would want in a young person. I mean don't get me wrong she's not perfect, I remember when I used to babysit her & she was going through a crying stage. This would be okay if she was two but she was like 5 or 6ish. She would just decide she'd had enough & wail her little head off, it was trying at the time but looking back it's kinda hysterical. I remember my inside joke that kept my sanity at the time which was it looked as though her jaw unhinged itself, I mean seriously she threw that little mouth open & was gonna let all the world know she was ticked! I know there was a perfect reason for the phase but I'm glad it's over =)

So that's an example of her imperfection & I'm sure I can think of some other funny stuff because aren't we all imperfect? I know Nella could tell more than a few stories about me but thankfully she doesn't have a blog =D

Let's get on to why this kid is so down right awesome.
First of all she loves my Piglet, she loves all the girlies but she is a little mama to the piggie. So attentive & so responsible, it's clear to me she is going to make a great Supermom one day. Then there's also the fact that she's growing into her own self. Does that make sense? She's not trying to be anyone other than Nel, & if you've read anything in this blog than you know I encourage my kids to be individuals. Yes, I teach them to seek after God with all their heart, souls & minds but I also want them to know that when your at the feet of God He doesn't care if your hair is blue. He is not going to rebuke & turn you away because you have tattoos or gauges in your ears. Unfortunately that is the thoughts of some & I'm glad Nella is clear on Gods unconditional love for her, she is young & learning to trust Him & be who she was created to be & also honoring the LORD.
Yes, I just ranted a bit but you get my point. I love Nel for who she is & who she will become. She is perfect the way God created her & I'm thankful that God blessed me with this little girl.

I love you Nell My Belle

The Blessed Supermom

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Piglet wanted to help Mama pour the flour from the big container to the small one. Yes she made a mess, no I don't care :)