Monday, January 30, 2012

Smooshed Pop Tarts In My Sofa

So I'm just sitting here nice & chill when I notice what appears to be cracker crumbs on the sofa, being the wonderful Supermom that I am I pick it up & clean the couch.
Wait, scratch that...I attempt to pick it up, turns out it's left over pop tart squished into the sofa.
I don't know about you but I'm not real tickled about stuff like this especially considering I just washed the sofas a week ago.
Honestly our furniture doesn't look like it came straight out of a Martha Stewart magazine more like "Second Hand & Faded Decor" but I like it...sorta.
Either way, I do like clean. Just ask my kids, I'm a wee bit nuts about it.
Well, thankfully this time instead of seeing red & howling like a wild banshee I tried to put it into perspective.
See I have a sticky sofa right now, & in the past there has been pb&j fingerprints on my window & then there's the occasional mysterious underwear in the bathroom....hidden behind the toilet...with unmentionable contents.

Well, this is the season of my life.

There's gonna be a time when I'm not wincing because I've stepped on an oh so pointy toy, or washing dirty little fingerprints off the wall.
And ya know what?? I don't really like the thought of that. Sure, I like the thought of being alone with The Hubby but when all my babies are grown & there's no more wee people in my home there will be just a bit less laughter to listen to.

So I suppose the sticky couch will just have to get washed again, and I'll try my best not to get loopy when it gets a special dose of kiddy attention.

The Blessed Supermom

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