Saturday, January 28, 2012

Date Night Failure

Okay maybe that title is harsh because the company was great but everything else was not so great. The Hubby & I decided to see a movie & skip dinner. We usually try to do both but this time got crazy & skipped the norm cuz we're wild like that.
We decided on "The Grey" it's a movie about a group of men whose plane goes down & they are left to fend for themselves in harsh arctic weather. If that's not bad enough there are wolves hunting them.

*side note* I really thought it was one little bad wolfie. Really.

This is what the trailer & commercials lead you to believe that it's a movie of survival, man against beast, good vs evil.
Well, it ain't.

It's more along the lines of depressing & how many different ways can someone be mauled by a wolf. Now, I know what you're thinking "duh, it's a movie about wolves hunting men" again, I really believed it was one bad wolfie. I had no idea there were a gergillion wolves that were as huge as horses...very angry, violent, furry, red eyed horses.

Then there's the hugely depressing aspect of it.
Liam Neason is downright in a funky foul mood the whole time because his wife has left him. However, even though she has left him the memories he has shared with her is his motivation to fight to survive. Well, guess what?? She's dead! Yeup! As a doornail.
There's more stuff but you get my drift.

Over all the movie itself was downright bad, I mean the concept in my opinion is very good. The idea of not only fighting the elements but fighting a wild animal! I mean maybe God gave me a touch too much testosterone but I like to see some action sometimes. For the most part The Hubby & I watch comedies (nothing foul), family friendly, & inspirational type movie's but as I said I like a little rough & tumble sometimes.

Unfortunately this was a HUGE waist of time.

As we walked to our car we talked about how disappointed the movie was & Big Daddy commented that Howard The Duck was better, this is what he thought of the movie...

Yep, he threw up...nah he didn't but you get the point.

Anyway, we walked on & I decided to get my eyebrows done. Remember that's one of my challenges for the year also, to pamper myself a bit. Hubby didn't mind waiting as I got my eyebrows threaded. I was happy because the woman who did a great job last time was there & I trusted her. Well maybe I didn't tip her enough last time or maybe her panties were in a bunch, either way she went way too thin on them & when I looked at them in the mirror I was less then pleased. I told her they were way too thin, she smiled & said "yes, I know you don't like them thin"
She does have broken English so there's a good possibility she was misunderstanding me but she did understand when i asked her to use the shadow to fill them in some. Well, that was a disaster! I looked like CooCoo the Clown!!
The Hubby's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw me & he doesn't notice anything!!
So to wrap up my day in a nutshell, I saw a terrible movie that literally sucked up two hours of my life I can never get back & had hair ripped out of my face only to be accosted by a make up brush.
So this is how my challenges are going thus fear. I gotta say I'm kinda worried about the impending marshmallow adventure.

The Blessed Supermom

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