Monday, September 26, 2011

And Yet Another Giveaway!

I'm feeling like the "giveaway lady" lately! But all these great giveaways I've been stumbling across are too good to keep to myself!
This giveaway comes to you via Homeschool Giveaways & Freebies. This website was created by a frugal homeschooling Supermom who wanted to help out other homeschooling families. This is what she has to say...

"My name is Carrie and I am a frugal, Christian homeschooling mom of two girls. I have made it my mission to help homeschoolers find affordable, low priced and FREE curriculum!

Many homeschooling families are struggling to purchase the basic things for their homeschools, so our curriculum store offers rock bottom prices on brand new curriculum from popular publishers.

We also have a an online community where you can get FREE curriculum, and yet another website where we do weekly homeschool related giveaways!

What an awesome blessing! How kind hearted of Carrie to put in all this effort & legwork for us Mommies trying to save a dime or two =)

Now on to the giveaway. Have you heard of Bright Ideas Press? They have wonderful items such as Mystery Of History, Hands On Geography & Wondermaps. Bright Ideas has been kind enough to give a great bundle package to Homeschool Giveaway & Freebies. Somebody will be lucky enough to win some great prizes! Of course I have entered to win, go over & enter yourself!!

The Blessed Supermom

Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Awesome Giveaway!!

I have another awesome giveaway for you! My oh so specular Supersister has an amazing business. She works with Shaklee, have you heard of Shaklee?? They have wonderful products for your health.
The first time I took their Vitamins & had some Energy Tea (that actually tasted good) I was completely amazed at how different I felt. I've been a sluggish girl for some years now, ya know that feeling? That blah kinda feeling? Well, that just went right out the window cuz I felt like a teenager!! The Hubby started taking the Vitalizer & he was impressed & this guy doesn't get impressed easily. Seriously, I'm glad I impressed him when he first spotted me or I'd be without my Big Daddy =D
Anyway, as I said (errr...typed) there is a giveaway goin on & you just have to get on it. Why?Because Shaklee doesn't just have Vitamins or Teas. They have cleaning products too! And guess who's tried em'??
Yep, ME!!
And they're grrreat! Me & Tony the Tiger agree *giggle*
Honestly, I feel real good knowing that the product I'm using is safe for my family & actually works! And when I say safe I mean SAFE. This stuff floored me when I was told all it could do. The all purpose cleaner is so safe you can use it to clean your fruit & veggies....yep.
I know it's true because I've personally done it.
And I'm not dead.
Can you say you can take a bottle of 409 & clean the counter as well as your fruit? Would you be willing to put a peach in your mouth after you washed it down with something that makes your nose hairs burn when wiping the table??
I know I wouldn't. So check out the giveaway.
You'll be happy you did!!

The Blessed Supermom

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Easy Peasy Marinated Chicken

Here's a super easy recipe for yummy marinated chicken.

6 frozen chicken breasts.

1 bottle of Italian dressing.

White rice.

Put chicken breasts in freezer bag and pour Italian dressing over chicken. Freeze. When in need for a quick meal, take out bag and run under warm water for 30 seconds to a minute. Throw chicken in slow cooker and let it go all day. Cook on low or high depending on how soon you want it. When you're just about ready to feed your family dinner cook up some white rice and serve with chicken. Easy peasy. :)

The Blessed Supermom

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sorrow & Beauty

What am I thankful for? This question rang in my mind as I read a blog post at Heavenly Homemaker's on gratitude. I never knew about this link up & I feel now it was God's sweet reminder of sorrow & beauty. 3 years ago this upcoming Friday (16th) my beautiful Hannah girl went straight from being nestled in Mama's tummy to being cradled in Jesus arm's. Her little heart stopped beating after 6 months. That was the most painful season of my life, Hannah Joy's big brother Isaac had just went to Heaven under the same circumstances only 7 months earlier. Losing Isaac was painful, more than words can describe, but when Hannah died it was like getting kicked when you're down. We were still grieving Isaac & the wound was so fresh, it was torn open & I felt beaten, being left for dead. At times I felt like giving up, I wanted to just lay down & die. But God never left me, He fought through the haze that was my mind & my broken heart speaking life into my tattered soul. It took a very long time to recover & to this day I'm still recovering the loss of my children. I believe I will not be fully restored until the day I stand before my Lord & Savior. So what am I thankful for? I'm thankful for my God who never leaves, never forsakes, My Abba Father. I am thankful for my best friend, My husband. Who bore the brunt of this storm on his back & carried me to the feet of Jesus when I was too weakened to stand. I am thankful for my beautiful sister. She did everything I couldn't for my babies, she made difficult, painful, & wretched days into meaningful, grace filled peace. I'm thankful for my daughters. My three girls who lived through this pain with me, they are forever changed & have a strong love & devotion to one another. And they're unborn children. I am thankful that after walking through the valley of the shadow of death...He gave us HOPE. My beautiful girl Hope Joanna Jensen was born alive & well February 9th 2010. Her cries were the most beautiful sound I've heard this side of Heaven. Today & everyday, I am thankful that God chose me to be His child, that He chose this path for me. I am being created to be more like His son through the trials He has put before me. My God is good, He is beautiful, I love Him beyond measure.

The Blessed Supermom

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Amish Peachy Goodness

It's been a fun/busy/sick week, that's why I haven't been blogging much lately. I've had my hands full, but over all it's been good. Yes, there was an entire night of no sleep with an angry baby waking up every 30 mins, then there was also a strange sleepy girl with sniffles and projectile vomiting. But again, the week has gone surprisingly well, we finally opened up the pickles the girlies & I made a few weeks ago & they were soooooo good!! Again, I made something & was truly terrified to taste it because I was more then certain I would keel over & die.
So I made the girls try it =D
They loved em'! I felt so happy & decided to try it & lo & behold...I loved em' too!!!
So apparently, I can make pickles.
Then I decided to play with the Amish Friendship Bread some. I've had the starter for a while now & although it's good (stupid good) a variation was needed. So I tried out this Chocolate Muffin recipe. Yummy!!
My next plan is to try this Lemon Blueberry recipe...oh happy day. Then I think I'm gonna bake some Cherry Cheesecake =)
And on to my next endeavor...PEACHES!!
See, I've been on this canning kick. Ya know putting "up" your harvest for the winter, that's where the pickle idea came from. I thought how nice it would be to have our own pickles
So, onto peaches, I wanted very much to head out to Michigan & get some peaches but unfortunately I can't just up & run outta state. It appears this household relies on me for meals & silly stuff like that.
Anyway, I figured I'd find a U-pick farm but had trouble with that also so I called a fellow Supermom. Not any Supermom but one who happens to be Queen Of The Internet & knows how to save a buck or two, or ten! Really, this Supermom rocks! If I have ANY questions...about ANYTHING, odds are she can find what I need in record time.
Well, she found me a great deal on Peaches @ 68 cents per pound! A 25 lb box was only 15 bux.
So I went a wee bit overboard & bought 50 lbs...yea I know. Big Daddy isn't so pleased right now, but he will be when he gets cobbler.
Anyway I'm excited, I'm already searching the Internet & finding recipes. I plan to make jam, jellies, & can some in a light syrup. I hope to freeze some as well for smoothies, breads, & pies. Hopefully I don't mess this up otherwise we'll have 50lbs of overly sweet smelling mushy muck.
But I think it'll be alright.
Now my beautiful Bear just had a great idea. We have a pear tree at church which is always dropping pears & they promptly get tossed, we plan to snag em' if they're good. So I suppose we'll be playing with pears next, then apples.
Oh boy don't get me started on apples!!

The Blessed Supermom

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Well, I'm not real sure about this one....
I trimmed the Monkey's hair. Now I tried this once before with Bear but her hair is sooooo thick I was scared to ever do it again so I made Monkey the guinea pig.
Hey she's a Guinea Monkey or maybe a Monkey Pig =)
Anyway, it was only spose to be around an inch off & it's more like two. I kept fouling it up & had to trim shorter & shorter. It appears to be OK now & there are a few straggling strands however I'm too traumatized to go any further. I'm worried my poor baby will end up with a buzz cut before I'm through with her.

Truth is I feel terrible, I never wanted my baby's hair this short but she's tickled pink. She wants it shorter!! I asked Bear if she wanted to give it a go but she looked at me like I had a third eye growing outta my head. She does NOT want short hair. If I messed up hers she'd probably opt to wear a wig...

I plan to keep practicing & believe it'll get better & since she doesn't mind I think it'll be OK. Or Cow can play with her hair, she plans to do this sorta thing as a career so she can work on the Monkey Pig =)

The Blessed Supermom

Monday, September 5, 2011

Giveaway & Launch Party!!!

WOWOWOOEEEEEOWOWOW!!! (that's excitement right there)
I have never in my blogging/FB years seen a more amazing giveaway & I follow some awesome blogs & FB pages. But this one takes the cake. I may be saying this because I'm blessed & honored to know this over the top Supermom but I don't think so.
I mean yea, she is truly awesome & I love her to pieces but I have to say, friendship aside..this giveaway knocked my socks off. My good friend is launching a new blog & the goal is to help Mama's in their attempts at training Godly young girls & assisting them in their walk to be Keepers of the Home. It is a 32 week study & she is coming alongside some more amazing women in this task.
This is a subject very near & dear to my heart because God has blessed me with four daughters. I long to see them grow into women that please the Lord.
And even if you don't have any little girls at home don't think this is a giveaway you can't be a prat of. There is so much you can benefit from. There are magazine subscriptions, cookbooks, & all sorts of items you can use towards presents for the upcoming holidays!
I hope you take a look at this awesome giveaway & enter to win some great stuff, you won't be disappointed!

The Blessed Supermom

Training Our Daughters: Welcome to the GIVEAWAY and LAUNCH PARTY!: © cherie > / photoXpress Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Can you sense my enthusiasm?! God has given me this excitement and anticipation...

Sunday, September 4, 2011


This is what happens when the washer breaks. I've been avoiding it ya know...this wicked thing. But when there's nothing left to cover the derriere..well, ya gotta wash clothes.
I wish I could say this was an easy task but let me give you an idea of my laundering adventure. I used four 30 lb washers & one top load washer. Then there were 4 dryers to use, that puts us at a total of $24.50...
To wash clothes >{
Oh but let's not forget sorting, matching outfits & socks, folding, hanging...the total of time spent?? Six hours!
Then we had the Cow issue, although Cow doesn't know there was a Cow issue however, if Cow reads this she'll know now about the issue. For some reason her clothes didn't wash good, they all had a funky smell. I had to rewash all of them but I couldn't do that last night, guess who was at the laundromat again? Yep, me.
I went today while she was in school (yes she's in school, no she's not homeschooled, yes I'd like her to be but she's not OK?? We're not gonna go there..)
Anyway, I went today borrowing my Mama's car & washed as fast as I possibly could cuz she had to hurry home. Thankfully the dryer works so I could move a lot faster & get home. At the laundromat I added a 1/2 cup of vinegar to the wash cycle cuz I heard it can help with odors, I was kinda afraid that my daughter would smell like a big giant pickle! But guess what?? The clothes smelled great! No weird funky unexplained odor & no pickles!!
Yay me!!
So I happily come home & quickly dump the clothes in the dryer in the basement, add the fabric softener sheets, put the quarters in & fly upstairs.
I said bye to Mama & set the timer for 10 minutes, Cow has a few tee's that can shrink so they just get a quick dry. After I scatter myself around the house & clean a cute but sticky baby I race back downstairs to find the dryer isn't going..gettin a wee bit testy at this point.
OK, now run back up the stairs, oh heck who am I kidding?? I struggled for breath as I hobbled up the stairs..
I called the landlord to let him know that the dryer was broke too. However when I went back downstairs to check again I found that I didn't push the quarters in...duh.
So here I am all pooped & mind you in the middle of this we're having school, the girls got a lesson in the need for daily exercise.
After ten minutes I have to rush back down & pull out Cow's incredibly shrinking shirts & guess what?? They stink again!!
I'm a mad Mama now.
Anyway, I can't go to the laundromat again so I pull ALL the tee's out & spray the daylights outta them with febreeze & let em' air dry.
That seemed to work cuz now they're all purdy. I can't say I know exactly what the stinking shirt issue was but maybe the washer was hateful & wanted to ruin my day.
Mean hateful washer...
Ya know, I used to complain about the up & down laundry hike I hated it, honestly hated it with a passion. But I will never complain again. This little adventure into the world of laundry H-E-double hockey sticks has taught me to be grateful for what I have, no matter how inconvenient.
That said, I need to go do some laundry.

The Blessed Supermom

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Missing Him...

It's one of those nights. I'm missing him...
I love them both.
God knows I do. But sometimes I miss HIM.
He's my boy. My only boy....