Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Awesome Giveaway!!

I have another awesome giveaway for you! My oh so specular Supersister has an amazing business. She works with Shaklee, have you heard of Shaklee?? They have wonderful products for your health.
The first time I took their Vitamins & had some Energy Tea (that actually tasted good) I was completely amazed at how different I felt. I've been a sluggish girl for some years now, ya know that feeling? That blah kinda feeling? Well, that just went right out the window cuz I felt like a teenager!! The Hubby started taking the Vitalizer & he was impressed & this guy doesn't get impressed easily. Seriously, I'm glad I impressed him when he first spotted me or I'd be without my Big Daddy =D
Anyway, as I said (errr...typed) there is a giveaway goin on & you just have to get on it. Why?Because Shaklee doesn't just have Vitamins or Teas. They have cleaning products too! And guess who's tried em'??
Yep, ME!!
And they're grrreat! Me & Tony the Tiger agree *giggle*
Honestly, I feel real good knowing that the product I'm using is safe for my family & actually works! And when I say safe I mean SAFE. This stuff floored me when I was told all it could do. The all purpose cleaner is so safe you can use it to clean your fruit & veggies....yep.
I know it's true because I've personally done it.
And I'm not dead.
Can you say you can take a bottle of 409 & clean the counter as well as your fruit? Would you be willing to put a peach in your mouth after you washed it down with something that makes your nose hairs burn when wiping the table??
I know I wouldn't. So check out the giveaway.
You'll be happy you did!!

The Blessed Supermom

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