Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Well, I'm not real sure about this one....
I trimmed the Monkey's hair. Now I tried this once before with Bear but her hair is sooooo thick I was scared to ever do it again so I made Monkey the guinea pig.
Hey she's a Guinea Monkey or maybe a Monkey Pig =)
Anyway, it was only spose to be around an inch off & it's more like two. I kept fouling it up & had to trim shorter & shorter. It appears to be OK now & there are a few straggling strands however I'm too traumatized to go any further. I'm worried my poor baby will end up with a buzz cut before I'm through with her.

Truth is I feel terrible, I never wanted my baby's hair this short but she's tickled pink. She wants it shorter!! I asked Bear if she wanted to give it a go but she looked at me like I had a third eye growing outta my head. She does NOT want short hair. If I messed up hers she'd probably opt to wear a wig...

I plan to keep practicing & believe it'll get better & since she doesn't mind I think it'll be OK. Or Cow can play with her hair, she plans to do this sorta thing as a career so she can work on the Monkey Pig =)

The Blessed Supermom

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