Thursday, September 8, 2011

Amish Peachy Goodness

It's been a fun/busy/sick week, that's why I haven't been blogging much lately. I've had my hands full, but over all it's been good. Yes, there was an entire night of no sleep with an angry baby waking up every 30 mins, then there was also a strange sleepy girl with sniffles and projectile vomiting. But again, the week has gone surprisingly well, we finally opened up the pickles the girlies & I made a few weeks ago & they were soooooo good!! Again, I made something & was truly terrified to taste it because I was more then certain I would keel over & die.
So I made the girls try it =D
They loved em'! I felt so happy & decided to try it & lo & behold...I loved em' too!!!
So apparently, I can make pickles.
Then I decided to play with the Amish Friendship Bread some. I've had the starter for a while now & although it's good (stupid good) a variation was needed. So I tried out this Chocolate Muffin recipe. Yummy!!
My next plan is to try this Lemon Blueberry recipe...oh happy day. Then I think I'm gonna bake some Cherry Cheesecake =)
And on to my next endeavor...PEACHES!!
See, I've been on this canning kick. Ya know putting "up" your harvest for the winter, that's where the pickle idea came from. I thought how nice it would be to have our own pickles
So, onto peaches, I wanted very much to head out to Michigan & get some peaches but unfortunately I can't just up & run outta state. It appears this household relies on me for meals & silly stuff like that.
Anyway, I figured I'd find a U-pick farm but had trouble with that also so I called a fellow Supermom. Not any Supermom but one who happens to be Queen Of The Internet & knows how to save a buck or two, or ten! Really, this Supermom rocks! If I have ANY questions...about ANYTHING, odds are she can find what I need in record time.
Well, she found me a great deal on Peaches @ 68 cents per pound! A 25 lb box was only 15 bux.
So I went a wee bit overboard & bought 50 lbs...yea I know. Big Daddy isn't so pleased right now, but he will be when he gets cobbler.
Anyway I'm excited, I'm already searching the Internet & finding recipes. I plan to make jam, jellies, & can some in a light syrup. I hope to freeze some as well for smoothies, breads, & pies. Hopefully I don't mess this up otherwise we'll have 50lbs of overly sweet smelling mushy muck.
But I think it'll be alright.
Now my beautiful Bear just had a great idea. We have a pear tree at church which is always dropping pears & they promptly get tossed, we plan to snag em' if they're good. So I suppose we'll be playing with pears next, then apples.
Oh boy don't get me started on apples!!

The Blessed Supermom

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