Friday, December 31, 2010

A Prayer For The New Year

Walking into this New Year I had a lot of thoughts of what to post about. But just now in some quiet time I had with God I realized all I really want to do is pray, so that's what I did.
I'd like to pray for you right now too....
Father God, I come before you thanking you for my dear friends. I thank you God for each person reading this post & how you brought them into my life. Lord I feel really led to pray for those of my friends that are wounded. Father, so many are hurting, so many are in pain tonight.
I have friends that are reading this who have empty arms & they are longing for their little ones. Lord, I cry out to you asking that as they enter into this new year that you would bring healing to their heart, soul, & minds. That they would feel the peace that surpasses all understanding & the power of your restoration. I ask this in Jesus matchless name.
Lord, there are others reading this that are broken in spirit. The trials of this past year were overwhelming & my friends are weakened. I ask God that you would strengthen them by the power of the Holy Spirit. Father you are mighty & able, please pour out your Spirit on your children.
Lord, I come to you on behalf of those that are ailing. Lord, you are the Mighty Physician. I ask Lord that you would bring healing to their bodies. Father, that you would touch them miraculously & that you would get all the Glory.
I pray Father for those feeling condemned & ashamed. Those that are unsure of who they are in Christ. Let them know Lord that your mercy is new every morning & that you hold every tear they cry in your Mighty hands.
Lord, please let these wounded broken hearts know that you will never leave them, never forsake them. That you love unconditionally & cherish them dearly. Lord, help them have the courage to release what they "feel" & be free in the knowledge of their loving ABBA FATHER.
Most of all Lord I pray for my friends that are lost. Lord, for those that may be reading this, wondering what is that ache in their heart? Wanting to know what will fill the emptiness?
Lord, I pray they would come to know Jesus as their Savior. I pray you would use me Lord in their lives however you see fit. Give me the courage to be bold for you. Fill my mouth with the words their ears need to hear.
I praise you Lord for the year to come. I step out in faith that 2011 will be a wonderful year. I believe & claim this for not only myself & my family but for my friends as well.
In Jesus Holy Name....AMEN

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Twenty Ten In Ten Words

Intense Faith
Unconditional Love
Trusting HIM

Monday, December 27, 2010

Review~Little Star

Little Star by Anthony DeStafano

First of all, my little one's loved this book. It really is sweet & brought smiles to their faces.
It's about a little star in the Heavens who just keeps going unnoticed, he's just so tiny that he's easily looked over. Suddenly, there is much excitement as rumors swirl that a King is to be born. The stars are bubbling over when they learn one special star will be allowed to shine ever so brightly for the King & that star will receive a special gift as well. All the stars prepare themselves by getting as shined up as they possibly can with the help of comets swirling by. All the stars except for Little Star of course who is given no attention.
Then the anticipated moment comes....the King is born.
But, alas this can't be....he's born in a stable, he's simple...He can not possibly be a King. The stars believe they've been fooled.
Except Little Star, he sees more in this "Little King" then his counterparts. He understands that this King is small & His surroundings are quite humble....however he is the King come to change the world.
Little Star is overwhelmed with love & longs to just touch this King Child. He reaches his light out to the earth with all his strength, burning brighter & brighter....

This little treasure is perfect for little eyes & hearts. It's long enough to keep my 7 year old intrigued but short enough for my wiggly 4 year old. Even my wee-est munchkin was interested with the illustrations.
Overall, I recommend this book as a nice little Christmas story for your little ones.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

Raising Ladies?

Well, I figure God knows better at what I'm good at then I do...see I keep wondering why I have all these daughters. Not that I don't want them, that's not what I mean. It's just that I have soooo many!! =)
I have my 4 princesses & even my butterfly girl, Hannah. She's in heaven.
Anyway, all these girls & I'm not exactly June Cleaver over here. I always have these insecure wandering thoughts....
"am I too rough"
"was that inappropriate"
"did I just say that out loud"
I suppose I'm rambling a bit. I'm dealing with a lot of insecurity today. My girls are not your average docile creatures. They are far from meek & if they enter a room, trust'll know it!!
The thing is I can't blame them, they learned how to be loud & silly from me. I thought it was a good it?
I look at some other blogs, websites, & even real women in the flesh & these mom's are raising their daughters to be gentle women.
It's beautiful.
It makes me feel a little like I'm doing it wrong sometimes. Mostly, I feel my girlies are rough & tumble little firecrackers & they are awesome the way they are!!
But, sometimes.....that creeping voice sneaks up on me from the pit & says "no, you're not good at this. Proverbs 31 woman you'll never be! Neither will they!! Failure!"
Does that happen to you??
Well, all I can say when that happens is
"God knows better than me"
Sometimes, my "feelings" shout that I'm doing this wrong, that I'll never get it right & my girls will suffer for it.
But the truth is God knows what He's doing. He didn't accidentally give me a lot of daughters. He gave me all these beautiful girls because He is equipping me to raise them for Him.
I'll admit, I do fail at times, and sometimes I have people in my life that aren't exactly encouraging. But, God doesn't leave me, He consistently picks me up, brushes me off, & believes in me.
Yes, my girls are slightly rough around the edges. At times they will speak when they shouldn't, they can be demanding, they can be very VERY loud, they will often fart without thinking twice...then giggle.
Ahem....that was not learned from Mommy....
However, I have seen my Bear boldly stand on a chair in room full of people proclaiming the Good News of Jesus.
Really, I was amazed. You should of seen the looks on all those faces!
I have heard My Cow minister to unbelieving friends & family.
And even my little 4 year old loves Jesus & isn't afraid to let people know it!!
So, my girls may not be the ideal picture of gentility & that's OK, God didn't design they're Mama that way & yet He entrusted them to her.
My children are bold for Christ, they've learned to take the fiery nature of their attitudes & apply it for Him & His Kingdom.
Isn't that the way it ought to be?
Are we not supposed to take the talents He's gifted us with & use them for His glory??
Well, my sweeties are gifted with larger than life personalities!
I can't wait to see what they become for Him!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Cookie Chaos & A Merry Christmas

Well, I haven't been posting, sorry bout that.
It's been more than a wee bit chaotic over here. See, I resolved in '09 that I was going to join in the Cookie Baking Bonanza. Last year I noticed so many of my Face Book friends were posting about cookie baking everyday. Now, don't get me wrong...I bake. Really, The Cow & I are always tearin' up the kitchen makin' all sortsa goodies for family parties. But their appeared to be some exclusive club that I hadn't entered into.
So alas, this holiday season...I earned my stripes.
For over a week the girls & I cracked eggs, rolled dough, cut shapes, burned fingertips & wiped tears.

This was hard!!!
I couldn't believe how sore I had became! Honestly, I can't bend anymore.
The Hubby & I expressed our feelings at times with our decorating....
these were his "Gingerbread Men"

And here's "Mama Ginger"

But, I hafta was totally worth it. We made soooo many cookies & yea, some dough ended up straight in the can. And maybe our iced sugar cookies aren't picture perfect but seeing the girls all smiles makes me happy =)
And hey! I think they did a really good job.....

Even the Wee Munchkin was thoroughly enjoying the cookie madness.....

I know there will be a day when my girls are grown & in homes of their own & I'll long for the days of having them on my lap covered in flour giggling at each other.

Until then,
I'll accept my fingers will get singed from time to time....
I'll step in frosting....
I'll wince at my aching back.....
I'll laugh as my babies eat waaay too much sugar.

From my house to yours...MERRY CHRISTMAS

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another Giveaway =)

Sooooo, here's another great giveaway
Who wouldn't want to win some awesome goodies from Hickory Farms? I think I could hide in my room & eat a whole basket full!
Oh well, that's probably not a good idea =)
Check out the giveaway & good luck!!

Trampoline Giveaway

Hey!! Those of you with little people, check out this giveaway.

This trampoline looks good for the littles to bounce away all that bottled up energy in these cold winter months.

I would love to see The Wee Munchkin boppin up & down on this. Everything I read in the review about this toy sounds great! So hopefully I win, or maybe you will.
But really....I want to =)

A good laugh!!

This is one of our favorite comedians.
Enjoy! =)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Your Hands

Last night was tough, it was one of those "stay up & cry because I just can't sleep" nights.
There are some things happening in my life I have absolutely no control over. The issues are breaking my heart & leaving me feel very broken & hurt. It's so very hard to accept that certain things may never change, that I may actually need to accept it & let go.
That's very hard to do, I want so very much for the hurt & disappointment to stop but am realizing the only way the hurt will stop is if I let go of my expectations.
Now that is beyond hard.
I suppose I have to admit that I have dreams that aren't coming true...don't we all? And it's almost unbearable to admit the dream is overshadowing reality & creating problems in my life.
In my wounded crying last night I began praying & was actually surprised at what I was saying to God.
Has that ever happened to you?
Your praying & feelings start coming up that you didn't even realize were there??
I have to admit I'm feeling lonely & desperate. And the desperation is for Him, I feel like the deer panting for water (Psalm 42:1)
I desperately need His life giving water to fill me because "life keeps happening" & I feel as though the earth is shaking under my feet.
When I get caught up in the overwhelming stress of my current circumstances I feel an aching loneliness.
Again, surprised at that prayer...I live with 5 other people, I can barely go to the bathroom by myself, let alone get lonely.
But, that's not what true loneliness is, you can be in a room full of people & feel completely alone. That's where I'm at right now.
To me that's a red flag saying I need to sit at Jesus feet a while, I dunno if I'm right about that, but I think so. Right enough for me at least.
I need to focus on the truth of God & the fact that He isn't moved by my circumstances.
I may feel desperate because I'm terrified of the world crumbling down around me but thankfully, that doesn't affect Him.

He stands firm & holds me....

I may cry & "feel" alone but that is also not true, because I'm never alone.

I thank My Abba Father because I'm in His hands & this life is only a vapor, He carries me & loves me. He doesn't allow trials to come in my life that He will not guide me through, He is good & He is mine.
I love Him so much....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cookie Bars & Munchkins

Me & the girlies stayed in on this blustery day & made Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars.
Cow took this pic, that's why she's not in it =(
Now she's trying to steal all the cookie bars!!

I had fun & love my munchkins, my big munchkin too =)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Some of these DIY ideas I found appear a little harder than others & some are perfect for the kiddos. I wanted to share 'em cuz I thought they were All adorable.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Playin' w/ Shutterfly

Confetti Countdown Filmstrip New Year's
Create photo new year's cards with Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

OK, so I don't do New Years pics but if I did I would soooooo send this. Who knows? Maybe I will...God blessed me with some purdy babies =)


Who doesn't love beautiful jewelry??
I hafta admit, I wasn't your average girl growing up. I wasn't the real fancy shmancy type and it took a lot of years for me to get "girly"
But now I can't wait for Sunday's, my one day to dress up & do my hair. I enjoy it!
And I'll tell ya, I'm a sucker for jewelery. I can buy way too much of it & not think twice....til I balance the checkbook of course!!
Well, all those years growing up not caring about the daintier things there was always one beautiful piece of jewelry that caught my eye.
They are so clean, so pure, so simple. I've always loved them.
So with that, I decided to give a go at this giveaway
This amazing woman is actually giving away pearl earrings!! And I'm hoping to be the lucky winner! But I figured I'd share this great giveaway instead of keeping it all to myself.
So please go check it out & see if you may be the lucky winner.
Cuz then at least I know ya & can borrow 'em!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Munchkin Pics

Sooo, like every mom does at some point I went nutty with the camera & took A LOT of pics of my wee munchkin. She makes me so happy, she is always smiling & even when she's fussin at us I can't help but smile at her. I'm no perfect mom that never gets irritated (just ask my other girls) but we've waited so long for this little one & went through such heart wrenching trials, that I can't help but be all smiley around her. So anyway, here's a few pics of our impromptu photo shoot...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bestest Day Ever!!

Yesterday was the best bestest even better than best day ever!!
OK, so first of all I got to sleep til noon!! Yea, noon!!!
12:15 to be exact =)
Of course normally I head out to church on Sunday & I really don't like to miss but I have been plain ole exhausted the past week. The wee munchkin is again fighting sleep & it all caught up with me. I told The Hubby that I was pooped & needed to sleep so he got the whole zoo ready & took them to church. Except for the munchkin, he put her down to sleep before they left. I thought she would be hollering at me in no time flat but lo & behold she slept 3 hours!!!!
So I slept aaalllll morning, insert happy goofy grin here....
Now, if that wasn't good enough today is my "free day"
I'm still dieting, I've lost 11 pounds so far~~WOO-HOO!!! And Sundays are my day I get to be a little looser with what I eat. So I enjoyed some yummy spaghetti. Now, let me just say when I make spaghetti I hafta make it according to my Cow's specifications. She absolutely loves it saucy AND meaty so it's not something I can eat on a "be careful because you don't wanna be fluffy forever day"
It tastes good & is bad for you but oooohhh baby I loved it!
So here I am with a full happy tummy & now it's time to go to my sisters house for an "Art Boutique"
See, my sister is a Super-Duper Supermom who makes amazing hand crafted jewelery. I mean I'm not just saying this cuz she's my sis & I like her...really it's down right beautiful. See for yourself on Bella Boutique. Really take a second & check it out.

I'll wait...go

Beautiful right?!?!!!!
Honestly, the first time I saw her work I was truly blown away. I was kinda, I'm related to someone that talented??
Well, this was a jewelery party but no ordinary jewelery party, on top of having these eye popping baubles we were treated to breathtaking artwork by my good friend Toni Ruppert, yet another magnificent Supermom.
God has given her hands that paint masterpieces. I have been blessed to have her make a beautiful piece of art to honor the short lives of my Butterfly Babies & I can say personally that this is one artist who captures the heart & emotion of a moment.
That said you really need to stop over at her blog, Transformed~because this girl can paint!! I am enjoying good company, beautiful jewelry, amazing art & oh a really "stupid good" brownie when in conversation I make mention of the fact my birthday just passed. I was braggin on the zoo tribe having just bought me a waffle iron that we just had to break in yesterday when Toni say's "well, I missed your birthday~go ahead & pick something"
Readers, I had to contain myself from not completely knocking over that woman!! I was in shock, I mean this is for real, she is a phenomenal artist & she's offering me a painting...for FREE!!! For my birthday!!!
I mean come on, how awesome is that?!!?!?!!

Look, check out the one I picked......

Now, this picture absolutely does not do the painting justice because you really have to see it in person but trust me it's wonderful. Besides, I'm liking the smiles Toni & I are workin here =)
I'm also wearing one of my sisters pieces, see the necklace??
Again, pic is not doing her masterpiece justice. So you're really gonna hafta go check out those blogs & see the beautiful work these women do.
So, to Lisa & Toni...thank you for a wonderful, awesome day!!!
Oh!! And thank you my wee lil munchkin for sleeping =)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And yet another giveaway!!

I love reading about other Supermom's who embrace the high calling of motherhood. Women who share the calling as as honor & look to Christ to guide them as they train their children. Well, a few months back I stumbled across Raising Homemakers. You will find on their website that their purpose is;

"dedicated to inspiring, teaching and blessing mothers who have an interest in raising their daughter in godliness and preparing them in the arts of homemaking to the glory of God."

Well, as a mommy to 4 daughters I find this website quite an encouragement. They are hosting a giveaway of some great audio books which are
encouraging, inspiring, challenging, & uplifting. Sharing about the beauties and hardships of life and the women who lived before our time – women whose examples we can learn from. Godly women.

I encourage you to stop by, even if you don't have daughters, this is an opportunity for your own growth as well.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Another Giveaway!!

Angie Smith, ya know awesome Supermom & wifey to Selah's Todd Smith? Well she is having an awesome super giveaway!
Come check it out over here.

The Blessed Supermom

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blessing Others & Ourselves Too

So the girls & I had a great time working on a shoe box for our Operation Christmas Child. First we went & bought a bunch of stuff for our little girl, I thought maybe this year we'd make a shoe box for a boy but what can I say...they like girly stuff.
We did hit a few snags though. Like I couldn't find a shoe box!
Normally I buy a gift box,'s not exactly a gift box. More like a decorated keep sake Christmas themed box thing-a-ma-jig. And it's bigger than a shoebox so getting a few more items is no big deal. However, this time I couldn't find one of those boxes so I opted for a regular ole shoe box. No biggie right??
Wrong, seems you need to call shoe stores ahead of time because they toss 'em. I mean right away, they tear em' up & toss them!! UGH!
So I figure OK, quick run to the dollar store to pick up a plastic shoe box with lid & we're set.
Wrong again.
Dollar store is all out.
So I'm ready to just sit down & cry, Oh did I mention this is Saturday & I need to turn the box in Sunday at church??
OK, where was I? Oh yea, I'm gonna throw a weeping hissy fit.
However, I remember that I have one of those plasticky box thingys at home, it's full of little toy animals but all I gotta do is empty it (where?? I dunno).
So, finally I get home & we're ready. I get the girls & we lay out all the toys, crayons, notebook paper, etc. That's when I noticed it, we had too much stuff. I just didn't know how in the world we we're gonna get all that stuff in there,
The Bear had all sorts of ideas & The Monkey gave up

Thankfully, the Hubby saved the day. He has an uncanny knack for packing things. I mean give him 20 clowns & a compact car & he'll get them in there, so naturally he took over. He & Bear sat there for a good 45 minutes putting things in & rearranging & sure enough every single item fit!! YAY!
Bear was so very happy & so was The Hubby, I think they were both really proud of what they'd done & that they did it together...
I was really proud too, but I was most proud of what happened next. Hubby took Bear on his lap & said it was time to pray. They both laid there hands on the box & prayed that the little girl receiving it would be blessed, feeling the love of Christ & come to salvation. Hubby took the moment to teach Bear to remember to be Christ to others, to be His hands & feet and to be "The Good Samaritan"

I'm really in love with that guy...oops sorry. Wandered off for a moment =)
I'm really blessed to have a man who knows to take every moment he can with his children & be an example of Godliness. I'm very happy with my little girl too, she's got a huge heart & it belongs completely to God.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

OK, so every year the girls & I look forward to packing our shoe boxes. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, let me tell you cuz it's the most awesome thing ever!!
Samaritan's Purse is a ministry following the example of The Good Samaritan found in Luke 10: 30-37.

"After describing how the Samaritan rescued a hurting man whom others had passed by, Jesus told His hearers, "Go and do likewise."

For over 40 years, Samaritan's Purse has done our utmost to follow Christ's command by going to the aid of the world's poor, sick, and suffering. We are an effective means of reaching hurting people in countries around the world with food, medicine, and other assistance in the Name of Jesus Christ. This, in turn, earns us a hearing for the Gospel, the Good News of eternal life through Jesus Christ."

At this time of the year the mission is "Operation Christmas Child"
See, what you do is simply get a shoebox & fill it with toys, school supplies, & hygiene items. You can also write a letter to the child receiving the box & include a pic if you want to. See, it's that simple! And it's honestly fun!
Tomorrow the girls & I are heading to WalMart to shop for "our child" see, you get choices of gender & age to help picking out the right type of stuff. Last year Samaritan's Purse delivered a whopping 8 million shoe boxes!! That's 8 million smiling faces! 8 million joy filled hearts!! And 8 million children hearing the Gospel & feeling the love of Christ through His people!!
Awesome isn't it?!!
I can't wait to pick out our stuff, wrap up our box in Christmas paper, & pray with the girls for the child who will open this box. I hope you'll also get involved & send a box to a child who may have never received a Christmas gift in their life. Just think of the joy this little one will feel.
Will you let God use you to bless the "least of these"?
I know we are & I can't wait!!
Check out this video to learn more.
If you decide to make a box...AWESOME!!! Here's the link to get you started.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Unconditional Love

Groggily I get out of bed & stumble towards the bathroom....again. Many babies my inner workings so an uninterrupted nights sleep I shan't enjoy again. I take a detour towards the door to my left & listen, quiet...nothing. Yet, I can't help myself, I open the door & there they are....3 of my 4 Princesses, sleeping peacefully. I'm still not really awake & the moment's sweet but I have to get to bed before the baby stirs, but then I hear something. Quietly, she sings "who will love me for me, not for what I have done or what I'll become, who will love me for me, cause nobody has shown me what love really means"
The air sucks out of my lungs, I feel as though I'm sucker punched.
My girls sleep soundly as the singing comes from the radio & the words echo in the air. I begin crying, feeling convicted. Questioning, what did I do today to show Christ to my children?? How did I show them His unconditional love??
I begin to feel racked with guilt & shame, I'm thinking of every time I spoke harshly with them & they looked back with tears in their eyes. I remember when they wanted to play with Mommy but Mommy was too busy with something "important"
I'm crying so hard that I think I may wake them & then I hear more of the song that has moved me to tears....

I will love you for you Not for what you have done or what you will become I will love you for you I will give you the love The love that you never knew

This song is about the love God gives to the broken, abandoned, forgotten, confused & every body in between. It's more than that though, it's about redemption, restoration, & peace. He softly spoke to me that night, asking "are you loving my sheep?"
You see, God...the creator of the awesome heavens, the magnificent earth, the majestic mountains~He created these children. With His own hands, He wrapped them up in my womb as a gift to me. And now asks....are you cherishing your gift? Or have you begun to take your gift for granted? Are you loving this gift as you did when first received from me? Or have you begun to put conditions on these good gifts??
What my point is, what I felt so strongly that night, in the still darkness, as I sat alone with God was this. I have not loved my children as God loves me. I have loved them as best I could but I have put expectations on them & been unfair at times. I have wanted their forgiveness but have held sin against them. I have not treated them as God would want me to.
I'm not confessing that I'm a terrible woman & horrible mother.
I'm confessing that I'm a sinner. That I need to remember that my children are looking to me to see Christ's unconditional love. They are looking to me to see the example of who God is & how He cherishes & adores them.
I need to show them that no matter what happens, what they do or don't do, how they fail or disappoint, not for what they've done or what they'll become~that I will love and love
Just as Christ loves me...and you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


OK, so many times I've referred to my girls as animals. My zoo. That's because ever since my oldest was a baby she's been Cow. So naturally the rest had animal names. But I also call them my Princesses. I want them to know they are blessed & highly favored (Luke 1:28).
And they are daughters of the King of Kings. I want them to understand that they are royalty.
Well, the other day for some reason I got to thinking about their personalities & what type of Princesses they are. Let me start with Cow,
I see her as the Medieval Princess....

She reminds me of this image above. The first thing you may notice is the dark colors, the turned & hidden face. And my Cow does have some of those qualities. She likes to wear black & isn't your average damsel in distress. However, what I see is so much more, I see the flowers reaching to her because she brings so much joy & life into this world. I see the sun reflecting God's glory on her. And just as the girl above is doing my Princess knows when to turn away (1st Timothy 6:11) & that makes me very proud.

Then I have my Bear, ya know it's funny I call her that because when you hear "Bear" I'm sure strong images come to mind. However, I also call her my gentle flower, she can be so soft & sweet. She is my girly girl, all sparkles & shimmers.
She is your average Fairy Tale Princess.....

When I look at her I see Cinderella. This sweet innocent girl has had it a bit too rough for her tender age. She's lived through more trials then I would of wanted but my princess doesn't have a"Fairy Godmother" instead she has someone better, her Abba Father. He is her King & he is enthralled by her beauty (Psalm 45:11) I know through Him she will live "happily ever after"

Now logically, I would come to my Monkey but I'm gonna save her for last. You'll see why in a minute =)
So here's my wee munchkin......

My newest Princess. I chose a simple silhouette to describe her because we have yet to see how God will use us to mold & shape her for His kingdom. We don't have a clear picture as to who she is yet but I am so excited to get to know her. To learn who she is, what will energize her, what will challenge her, & honestly...just to enjoy her. She is a blessing we've waited so long for.

And now we come to my Little Monkey....ah she is more than a handful. She keeps me on my toes & challenges me daily. Not with disrespect, she just has a way about her that makes your face twitch a lot!! So who best describes her??? Please click on the link below & you can have a small window into our world =)

Now why did I pick this video?? Because this is a new breed of Princess!! She is a little stick of dynamite!! Just as the video begins she is like most girls, dancing, singing, & a picture of tranquility. Then all of a sudden she is on "the attack" & can certainly knock you for a loop!! However, with my Monkey it's never intentional. She never hurts anyone because she can, she is a force & is still learning to contain it, her strength is not physical, it's deep within her. When I was pregnant with her a stranger came up to me & The Hubby & said "I just wanted to tell you, your child is going to be strong in the Lord" (Ephesians 6:10) Then he walked away, I believe these were prophetic words & I claim them for her. She says all sorts of "interesting" things that make me wonder. I believe God is going to use her mightily & right now I need to help her with all of those little bursts that go on inside of her. When she turns all that strength & energy towards God & His work for her....whew!! Watch out!!

So, these are my Princess, they're all very different & I love them for that. They don't fit any one type of mold, we don't serve a "cookie cutter" God. He is the master creator & makes no mistakes. My daughters are beautiful & amazing, I'm blessed & proud to call them mine. They are unique & special, fearfully & wonderfully made.

The Blessed Supermom~

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

GIVEAWAY -- A Beautiful Fresh Wreath

Hi All!!

My friend has a wonderful giveaway happening right now! Click on the link to check out these breathtaking fresh wreaths. Would you also consider buying one to support her eldest son in his efforts to become a missionary pilot? He is an amazing young man & has a burden for the lost. You can read more about him in her post as well.


Take Flight: GIVEAWAY -- A Beautiful Fresh Wreath: "I am so very excited about this Giveaway! You can win the above Classic Christmas Wreath (or any wreath or swag valued at $35.50 or under)..."

Friday, November 5, 2010

Punkin Painting

I wanted to share some pics of this past Sunday. Halloween.
I may step on some toes & if I do let me just say that's not my intent & I'm sorry, I'm not trying to hurt or upset anyone. We don't celebrate Halloween in my house, we don't raise our kids to participate. That being said, I DO NOT look down on nor pass judgement on you if you do. I am NOT trying to force you to think like me & raise your family as we raise ours. In fact I thoroughly enjoy going on FB & seeing my friends little ones lookin all cute & dressed up. I mean come on, a chunky little baby done up like a piglet is just downright adorable!! I'm just aggravated because I always get the "oh those poor kids" treatment from certain people, & honestly...I'm tired of it. So, I thought I'd post some pics of my kids (& my niece too) having a good time. Enjoy =)

Washin the punkins

Lana REALLY likes glitter =)

Nel My Bell

Nomasita bein cute as usual

The girls were posing & Lana almost lost her punkin

All the hard "work" pays off :-)

Monday, November 1, 2010


I survived.....I think.
I think I survived Day 1 of my diet, the reason I say "I think" is because there are still a few hours left in the day & there is fresh bread just waiting for me to slather it with butter & devour it before anyone knows.
Honestly, this is a lot harder than I remember, has the first day always been this difficult?? I'm hungrier than ever, I feel like I could violently break in the windows of a bakery & eat EVERYTHING. I don't understand my tummy.
Usually I don't eat much of anything all day, I know I know...that's bad. But it's the truth, I don't eat, maybe a little bit here & there but no real food. Sometimes, I realize I haven't eaten when I'm suddenly sick.
Soooo, I thought I would feel great this morning when I got up & ate breakfast and at first I did but after 2 hours I was hungry! And I had "a well balanced meal" what gives?? I realized throughout the day that I was hungry every 2-3 hours. I remember someone telling me once your supposed to eat every few hours but I have no idea why.
The big thing I noticed was that I did good all day, it was difficult but I did it until.....
I was sad.
I'm having struggles with my parenting, I have a lot of insecurity right now. My girls aren't being the children I'd like them to be. I love them but I suppose I'm taking there behavior very personal.
All day I felt like a less than good mama because they weren't doing as told & I lost my temper more than once. Then The Hubby told me he has to work overtime tomorrow & I won't be able to visit a friend I very much want to see. Well, after my day & that bit of news I just wanted to eat everything. I didn't care about my efforts of the day, I didn't care about my commitment to myself & others.
I just wanted the hurt to stop & food was the good & reliable friend waiting to console me. I knew I needed to pray, I knew I needed to confess to God my idolatry.
But, I couldn't, because then the shame comes. It's a vicious roller coaster, but it's one I refuse to stay on any longer. I can't live this way, it's not good physically nor emotionally.

O Lord, My God, Forgive me. I need you so desperately for I am weak, I am unable & unsure. Lord steady my feet & light my path on this unknown journey. I am timid & afraid, Goliath jeers & laughs at me & I see that I am incapable. But I call on the Mighty God of Israel, I call on The Most High God to enable me through His power. I praise you Abba Father for you are good & merciful. Thank you Lord. In your matchless name, Amen

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Precious

Well, I posted that I'll be starting my weight loss journey this up coming Monday & for the most part, I'm excited. I have some good ideas to implement & wonderful women who are just as excited as I am to shed some unwanted pounds.
However, I'm intimidated too. I mean come on, when I met The Hubby I was about 60 lbs less than what I weigh now! That's A LOT of pounds. And it took 11 years to put it on & I really don't wanna have to wait 11 more years to feel/look good again.
Anyway, this week is my "last hoorah" of eating some good yummies I will need to cut back on. And yes, I said CUT BACK not CUT OUT. I don't do well when I restrict myself to the extreme, if I do that I end up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters pounding through the streets in search of food. Not a pretty sight.
I mean I'm not going way overboard & eating every cookie & brownie in sight, but I have a few things I wanna work outta my system.
Breyer's Strawberry Ice Cream & Oreo's for example.
I told The Hubby a few weeks back that I had to have some of my Breyer's before I started my diet & then it slipped my mind because it's been too cold for ice cream. Well, this past Monday I started getting goofy for my Breyer's & finally yesterday I told The Hubby I had to hurry up & finish dinner so I could run out to the grocery store. He's all like OK baby, no big deal...I said "no, you don't understand...I NEED TO GO & NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP ME"
He kinda grunted & was all like...again~no biggie. But I wanted him to understand the magnitude of the situation, it was my ice cream & if I had to go to the store he had to take care of everything at home.
And NOTHING was stopping me from going to the store, NOTHING was coming between me & my ice cream. I spoke fervently & quickly that I only had a few days left & that I was gonna buy hot fudge & whipped topping too & that I just had to have it.
He sat across the table & whispered...."My Precious"

Yea, I guess I deserved that cuz I was kinda acting like a lunatic. But I can't say I learned from it because I went ahead & bought my ice cream & ate gobs of it. Then today was a really stressful day & ya know what I kept thinking about??
Every time I got worked up I would think "Man, I want some OREOS " now I didn't act on it, mostly because I didn't wanna share with the kids.
Yea, I'm bad.
But, it really struck me that I was looking to food to calm me. WHOA!! That's a pretty big deal ya know. It was a line drive smack in the middle of the forehead that I'm getting my peace somewhere other than God. That's a real dishonor to Him.
He clearly states in His word~

"You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me. Exodus 20:4-5

I need to point out that I see I'm worshiping this food by looking it to it for joy, peace, & all sorts of stuff. It's just plain wrong & hurts the heart of God. It can't possibly please Him that when I'm stressed out dealing with my Internet provider that instead of running to Him I run to the refrigerator. How messed up is that??
Honestly, that's not truly trusting Him~that's looking to "my precious" for my security. I can't do that anymore. It's wrong.
So, I suppose this upcoming Monday I'll be doing more than attempting to shed unwanted pounds, I'll begin dealing with feelings I've shoved down over the years with food. I'll be throwing "my precious" into the fires of Mt. Doom & hope to say goodbye forever. (The Hubby really knows his LOTR)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Busy & Chunky not me

OK, I have been super busy. Not only did I pull off the worlds fastest move but I've been posting on my other blog daily. My friend Jessica posted the challenge of 30 Questions in 30 Days so that's been keeping me busy over there.
But alas, I can not stay away much longer, I must ramble on & on about my wee people whom I love but lately are making me feel somewhat loony.
I really oughta have grace for them ya know cuz their little lives have been turned around some, although they are adjusting well they are getting used to some different stuff. Like cable for example. We haven't had anything other than regular TV for years....YEARS. And now my kids are a little overwhelmed at all the choices. And honestly it's a trap for me because I can get a lot done parking them in front of the set. So I need to be disciplined with television as well & it's kinda hard. I like The Cake Boss =)
But anyway, what's new? The wee-munchkin is cutting a tooth, I think. She's really outta sorts & her gums look like their gettin ready to pop some teeth through. This being my 4th little animal you'd think I'd know by now but I'm always second guessing myself, oh well. Other than that she's still my Chunky McChunkster~that's what The Hubby calls her :-)
The Monkey is gettin a little...ummm...odd. She's been testing Mommy's boundaries & giving me a run for my money. I'm not likin' it but I know it's normal & I have to guide my little animal without losing it myself.
As for My Bear~she's my little ray of light right now =>
Making me so happy. She's trying so hard in school & doing so well. I just ordered some Math to do with her & I can't wait to give it a go!!
My Cow's homecoming is this Friday!! I can't believe it! She's growing up so fast & so beautiful! I will most definitely post pics of my gorgeous girl.
The Hubby is currently passed out on the recliner~my baby works so hard & I miss him so much.
And last but not least...ME. I have decided to......GULP....lose weight. ACH! There I said it, bleck...ech ech...UGH. Now, why am I choking over here?? Because you see I said it to the Blogosphere & now YOU KNOW. I can't go back.
I'm hoping you'll help & comment asking me some questions or just basically keep me accountable a bit. I plan on keeping you updated so lets see how this goes.
Oh & here's my goal 30 lbs by February 19th, Angies Sweet Sixteen party. I'm starting on November 1st & even added one of those little tickers on my blog, really~scroll down...see?? I plan on getting a fancy scale this weekend too that includes ounces so I can know every little bit I lose. Lets see how this goes!
Please keep me accountable! I need all the help I can get!! Thanks~

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pictures Say uhhhh???

Ah yes, that's right. Pictures say a thousand words so considering my life has been more than busy I'll just post a jillion pics & hopefully you'll get a window into my world =)

Visiting Isaac & Hannah

Hosting Mom's Prayer

Greg Laurie Harvest Crusade

Hopie's first bath in the new sink =)

Angie with her girlies'

Candles for Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day

Makin' cookies for their baby sis

Passed Out....

Daddy & Hopie havin some fun

Apple Picking

Papooh Visiting

Still unpacking ;(

Sittin' up in her booster, standing alone, & showin' off her chunk

I really don't know

and last but not least, the most important person in my life