Wednesday, November 10, 2010


OK, so many times I've referred to my girls as animals. My zoo. That's because ever since my oldest was a baby she's been Cow. So naturally the rest had animal names. But I also call them my Princesses. I want them to know they are blessed & highly favored (Luke 1:28).
And they are daughters of the King of Kings. I want them to understand that they are royalty.
Well, the other day for some reason I got to thinking about their personalities & what type of Princesses they are. Let me start with Cow,
I see her as the Medieval Princess....

She reminds me of this image above. The first thing you may notice is the dark colors, the turned & hidden face. And my Cow does have some of those qualities. She likes to wear black & isn't your average damsel in distress. However, what I see is so much more, I see the flowers reaching to her because she brings so much joy & life into this world. I see the sun reflecting God's glory on her. And just as the girl above is doing my Princess knows when to turn away (1st Timothy 6:11) & that makes me very proud.

Then I have my Bear, ya know it's funny I call her that because when you hear "Bear" I'm sure strong images come to mind. However, I also call her my gentle flower, she can be so soft & sweet. She is my girly girl, all sparkles & shimmers.
She is your average Fairy Tale Princess.....

When I look at her I see Cinderella. This sweet innocent girl has had it a bit too rough for her tender age. She's lived through more trials then I would of wanted but my princess doesn't have a"Fairy Godmother" instead she has someone better, her Abba Father. He is her King & he is enthralled by her beauty (Psalm 45:11) I know through Him she will live "happily ever after"

Now logically, I would come to my Monkey but I'm gonna save her for last. You'll see why in a minute =)
So here's my wee munchkin......

My newest Princess. I chose a simple silhouette to describe her because we have yet to see how God will use us to mold & shape her for His kingdom. We don't have a clear picture as to who she is yet but I am so excited to get to know her. To learn who she is, what will energize her, what will challenge her, & honestly...just to enjoy her. She is a blessing we've waited so long for.

And now we come to my Little Monkey....ah she is more than a handful. She keeps me on my toes & challenges me daily. Not with disrespect, she just has a way about her that makes your face twitch a lot!! So who best describes her??? Please click on the link below & you can have a small window into our world =)

Now why did I pick this video?? Because this is a new breed of Princess!! She is a little stick of dynamite!! Just as the video begins she is like most girls, dancing, singing, & a picture of tranquility. Then all of a sudden she is on "the attack" & can certainly knock you for a loop!! However, with my Monkey it's never intentional. She never hurts anyone because she can, she is a force & is still learning to contain it, her strength is not physical, it's deep within her. When I was pregnant with her a stranger came up to me & The Hubby & said "I just wanted to tell you, your child is going to be strong in the Lord" (Ephesians 6:10) Then he walked away, I believe these were prophetic words & I claim them for her. She says all sorts of "interesting" things that make me wonder. I believe God is going to use her mightily & right now I need to help her with all of those little bursts that go on inside of her. When she turns all that strength & energy towards God & His work for her....whew!! Watch out!!

So, these are my Princess, they're all very different & I love them for that. They don't fit any one type of mold, we don't serve a "cookie cutter" God. He is the master creator & makes no mistakes. My daughters are beautiful & amazing, I'm blessed & proud to call them mine. They are unique & special, fearfully & wonderfully made.

The Blessed Supermom~

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  1. We have 4 girls, and 2 have already shown themselves to be little firecrackers. My 8 year old is the same, in that she says the most amazing things at the strangest times and you wonder how God can be speaking so clearly to you through such a young child. I have such a strong feeling that God has such big plans for this little one as well. I just wish I knew what.