Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blessing Others & Ourselves Too

So the girls & I had a great time working on a shoe box for our Operation Christmas Child. First we went & bought a bunch of stuff for our little girl, I thought maybe this year we'd make a shoe box for a boy but what can I say...they like girly stuff.
We did hit a few snags though. Like I couldn't find a shoe box!
Normally I buy a gift box, well...it's not exactly a gift box. More like a decorated keep sake Christmas themed box thing-a-ma-jig. And it's bigger than a shoebox so getting a few more items is no big deal. However, this time I couldn't find one of those boxes so I opted for a regular ole shoe box. No biggie right??
Wrong, seems you need to call shoe stores ahead of time because they toss 'em. I mean right away, they tear em' up & toss them!! UGH!
So I figure OK, quick run to the dollar store to pick up a plastic shoe box with lid & we're set.
Wrong again.
Dollar store is all out.
So I'm ready to just sit down & cry, Oh did I mention this is Saturday & I need to turn the box in Sunday at church??
OK, where was I? Oh yea, I'm gonna throw a weeping hissy fit.
However, I remember that I have one of those plasticky box thingys at home, it's full of little toy animals but all I gotta do is empty it (where?? I dunno).
So, finally I get home & we're ready. I get the girls & we lay out all the toys, crayons, notebook paper, etc. That's when I noticed it, we had too much stuff. I just didn't know how in the world we we're gonna get all that stuff in there,
The Bear had all sorts of ideas & The Monkey gave up

Thankfully, the Hubby saved the day. He has an uncanny knack for packing things. I mean give him 20 clowns & a compact car & he'll get them in there, so naturally he took over. He & Bear sat there for a good 45 minutes putting things in & rearranging & sure enough every single item fit!! YAY!
Bear was so very happy & so was The Hubby, I think they were both really proud of what they'd done & that they did it together...
I was really proud too, but I was most proud of what happened next. Hubby took Bear on his lap & said it was time to pray. They both laid there hands on the box & prayed that the little girl receiving it would be blessed, feeling the love of Christ & come to salvation. Hubby took the moment to teach Bear to remember to be Christ to others, to be His hands & feet and to be "The Good Samaritan"

I'm really in love with that guy...oops sorry. Wandered off for a moment =)
I'm really blessed to have a man who knows to take every moment he can with his children & be an example of Godliness. I'm very happy with my little girl too, she's got a huge heart & it belongs completely to God.

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