Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bestest Day Ever!!

Yesterday was the best bestest even better than best day ever!!
OK, so first of all I got to sleep til noon!! Yea, noon!!!
12:15 to be exact =)
Of course normally I head out to church on Sunday & I really don't like to miss but I have been plain ole exhausted the past week. The wee munchkin is again fighting sleep & it all caught up with me. I told The Hubby that I was pooped & needed to sleep so he got the whole zoo ready & took them to church. Except for the munchkin, he put her down to sleep before they left. I thought she would be hollering at me in no time flat but lo & behold she slept 3 hours!!!!
So I slept aaalllll morning, insert happy goofy grin here....
Now, if that wasn't good enough today is my "free day"
I'm still dieting, I've lost 11 pounds so far~~WOO-HOO!!! And Sundays are my day I get to be a little looser with what I eat. So I enjoyed some yummy spaghetti. Now, let me just say when I make spaghetti I hafta make it according to my Cow's specifications. She absolutely loves it saucy AND meaty so it's not something I can eat on a "be careful because you don't wanna be fluffy forever day"
It tastes good & is bad for you but oooohhh baby I loved it!
So here I am with a full happy tummy & now it's time to go to my sisters house for an "Art Boutique"
See, my sister is a Super-Duper Supermom who makes amazing hand crafted jewelery. I mean I'm not just saying this cuz she's my sis & I like her...really it's down right beautiful. See for yourself on Bella Boutique. Really take a second & check it out.

I'll wait...go

Beautiful right?!?!!!!
Honestly, the first time I saw her work I was truly blown away. I was kinda, I'm related to someone that talented??
Well, this was a jewelery party but no ordinary jewelery party, on top of having these eye popping baubles we were treated to breathtaking artwork by my good friend Toni Ruppert, yet another magnificent Supermom.
God has given her hands that paint masterpieces. I have been blessed to have her make a beautiful piece of art to honor the short lives of my Butterfly Babies & I can say personally that this is one artist who captures the heart & emotion of a moment.
That said you really need to stop over at her blog, Transformed~because this girl can paint!! I am enjoying good company, beautiful jewelry, amazing art & oh a really "stupid good" brownie when in conversation I make mention of the fact my birthday just passed. I was braggin on the zoo tribe having just bought me a waffle iron that we just had to break in yesterday when Toni say's "well, I missed your birthday~go ahead & pick something"
Readers, I had to contain myself from not completely knocking over that woman!! I was in shock, I mean this is for real, she is a phenomenal artist & she's offering me a painting...for FREE!!! For my birthday!!!
I mean come on, how awesome is that?!!?!?!!

Look, check out the one I picked......

Now, this picture absolutely does not do the painting justice because you really have to see it in person but trust me it's wonderful. Besides, I'm liking the smiles Toni & I are workin here =)
I'm also wearing one of my sisters pieces, see the necklace??
Again, pic is not doing her masterpiece justice. So you're really gonna hafta go check out those blogs & see the beautiful work these women do.
So, to Lisa & Toni...thank you for a wonderful, awesome day!!!
Oh!! And thank you my wee lil munchkin for sleeping =)

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