Friday, December 24, 2010

Cookie Chaos & A Merry Christmas

Well, I haven't been posting, sorry bout that.
It's been more than a wee bit chaotic over here. See, I resolved in '09 that I was going to join in the Cookie Baking Bonanza. Last year I noticed so many of my Face Book friends were posting about cookie baking everyday. Now, don't get me wrong...I bake. Really, The Cow & I are always tearin' up the kitchen makin' all sortsa goodies for family parties. But their appeared to be some exclusive club that I hadn't entered into.
So alas, this holiday season...I earned my stripes.
For over a week the girls & I cracked eggs, rolled dough, cut shapes, burned fingertips & wiped tears.

This was hard!!!
I couldn't believe how sore I had became! Honestly, I can't bend anymore.
The Hubby & I expressed our feelings at times with our decorating....
these were his "Gingerbread Men"

And here's "Mama Ginger"

But, I hafta was totally worth it. We made soooo many cookies & yea, some dough ended up straight in the can. And maybe our iced sugar cookies aren't picture perfect but seeing the girls all smiles makes me happy =)
And hey! I think they did a really good job.....

Even the Wee Munchkin was thoroughly enjoying the cookie madness.....

I know there will be a day when my girls are grown & in homes of their own & I'll long for the days of having them on my lap covered in flour giggling at each other.

Until then,
I'll accept my fingers will get singed from time to time....
I'll step in frosting....
I'll wince at my aching back.....
I'll laugh as my babies eat waaay too much sugar.

From my house to yours...MERRY CHRISTMAS

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