Monday, December 27, 2010

Review~Little Star

Little Star by Anthony DeStafano

First of all, my little one's loved this book. It really is sweet & brought smiles to their faces.
It's about a little star in the Heavens who just keeps going unnoticed, he's just so tiny that he's easily looked over. Suddenly, there is much excitement as rumors swirl that a King is to be born. The stars are bubbling over when they learn one special star will be allowed to shine ever so brightly for the King & that star will receive a special gift as well. All the stars prepare themselves by getting as shined up as they possibly can with the help of comets swirling by. All the stars except for Little Star of course who is given no attention.
Then the anticipated moment comes....the King is born.
But, alas this can't be....he's born in a stable, he's simple...He can not possibly be a King. The stars believe they've been fooled.
Except Little Star, he sees more in this "Little King" then his counterparts. He understands that this King is small & His surroundings are quite humble....however he is the King come to change the world.
Little Star is overwhelmed with love & longs to just touch this King Child. He reaches his light out to the earth with all his strength, burning brighter & brighter....

This little treasure is perfect for little eyes & hearts. It's long enough to keep my 7 year old intrigued but short enough for my wiggly 4 year old. Even my wee-est munchkin was interested with the illustrations.
Overall, I recommend this book as a nice little Christmas story for your little ones.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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