Friday, December 10, 2010


Who doesn't love beautiful jewelry??
I hafta admit, I wasn't your average girl growing up. I wasn't the real fancy shmancy type and it took a lot of years for me to get "girly"
But now I can't wait for Sunday's, my one day to dress up & do my hair. I enjoy it!
And I'll tell ya, I'm a sucker for jewelery. I can buy way too much of it & not think twice....til I balance the checkbook of course!!
Well, all those years growing up not caring about the daintier things there was always one beautiful piece of jewelry that caught my eye.
They are so clean, so pure, so simple. I've always loved them.
So with that, I decided to give a go at this giveaway
This amazing woman is actually giving away pearl earrings!! And I'm hoping to be the lucky winner! But I figured I'd share this great giveaway instead of keeping it all to myself.
So please go check it out & see if you may be the lucky winner.
Cuz then at least I know ya & can borrow 'em!!

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