Monday, December 27, 2010

Raising Ladies?

Well, I figure God knows better at what I'm good at then I do...see I keep wondering why I have all these daughters. Not that I don't want them, that's not what I mean. It's just that I have soooo many!! =)
I have my 4 princesses & even my butterfly girl, Hannah. She's in heaven.
Anyway, all these girls & I'm not exactly June Cleaver over here. I always have these insecure wandering thoughts....
"am I too rough"
"was that inappropriate"
"did I just say that out loud"
I suppose I'm rambling a bit. I'm dealing with a lot of insecurity today. My girls are not your average docile creatures. They are far from meek & if they enter a room, trust'll know it!!
The thing is I can't blame them, they learned how to be loud & silly from me. I thought it was a good it?
I look at some other blogs, websites, & even real women in the flesh & these mom's are raising their daughters to be gentle women.
It's beautiful.
It makes me feel a little like I'm doing it wrong sometimes. Mostly, I feel my girlies are rough & tumble little firecrackers & they are awesome the way they are!!
But, sometimes.....that creeping voice sneaks up on me from the pit & says "no, you're not good at this. Proverbs 31 woman you'll never be! Neither will they!! Failure!"
Does that happen to you??
Well, all I can say when that happens is
"God knows better than me"
Sometimes, my "feelings" shout that I'm doing this wrong, that I'll never get it right & my girls will suffer for it.
But the truth is God knows what He's doing. He didn't accidentally give me a lot of daughters. He gave me all these beautiful girls because He is equipping me to raise them for Him.
I'll admit, I do fail at times, and sometimes I have people in my life that aren't exactly encouraging. But, God doesn't leave me, He consistently picks me up, brushes me off, & believes in me.
Yes, my girls are slightly rough around the edges. At times they will speak when they shouldn't, they can be demanding, they can be very VERY loud, they will often fart without thinking twice...then giggle.
Ahem....that was not learned from Mommy....
However, I have seen my Bear boldly stand on a chair in room full of people proclaiming the Good News of Jesus.
Really, I was amazed. You should of seen the looks on all those faces!
I have heard My Cow minister to unbelieving friends & family.
And even my little 4 year old loves Jesus & isn't afraid to let people know it!!
So, my girls may not be the ideal picture of gentility & that's OK, God didn't design they're Mama that way & yet He entrusted them to her.
My children are bold for Christ, they've learned to take the fiery nature of their attitudes & apply it for Him & His Kingdom.
Isn't that the way it ought to be?
Are we not supposed to take the talents He's gifted us with & use them for His glory??
Well, my sweeties are gifted with larger than life personalities!
I can't wait to see what they become for Him!!

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  1. Good stuff! I am a wee bit jealous as I am raising little men, but it sounds like you are doing an excellent job.