Monday, September 5, 2011

Giveaway & Launch Party!!!

WOWOWOOEEEEEOWOWOW!!! (that's excitement right there)
I have never in my blogging/FB years seen a more amazing giveaway & I follow some awesome blogs & FB pages. But this one takes the cake. I may be saying this because I'm blessed & honored to know this over the top Supermom but I don't think so.
I mean yea, she is truly awesome & I love her to pieces but I have to say, friendship aside..this giveaway knocked my socks off. My good friend is launching a new blog & the goal is to help Mama's in their attempts at training Godly young girls & assisting them in their walk to be Keepers of the Home. It is a 32 week study & she is coming alongside some more amazing women in this task.
This is a subject very near & dear to my heart because God has blessed me with four daughters. I long to see them grow into women that please the Lord.
And even if you don't have any little girls at home don't think this is a giveaway you can't be a prat of. There is so much you can benefit from. There are magazine subscriptions, cookbooks, & all sorts of items you can use towards presents for the upcoming holidays!
I hope you take a look at this awesome giveaway & enter to win some great stuff, you won't be disappointed!

The Blessed Supermom

Training Our Daughters: Welcome to the GIVEAWAY and LAUNCH PARTY!: © cherie > / photoXpress Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Can you sense my enthusiasm?! God has given me this excitement and anticipation...

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