Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Get Dressed Challenge Day 3....Mascara

What did I say?? Huh? What did I tell you?? Were you listening??
I said things would get outta control & sure enough they are OUT OF CONTROL!!
Do ya know what happened today? I was challenged to...WEAR MAKE UP!!!
Now let me make this clear, I do wear make up. But not to hang around the house, I mean if I'm going somewhere then I'll put on some make up. But to just mozy about my day??!!?
That's just plain nuts.
The challenge was to wear some eye make up. The catch was something "different"
I like to wear my eye make up a certain way. Ya know the way that actually looks good.
I'm no make up artist & I see all these commercials/magazines (which are evil by the way) that have women looking perfect. There eyes are either all sultry for a night out on the town. Or maybe their bright eyed & ready to go.
I put on eye make up on Sundays.
Only Sundays & it's the same every Sunday.
And I'm okay with that.
But now the challenge tells me I have to do something different.

Okay fine. So here's how it went for me.
I got up this morning & got dressed. Woohoo!
Then I began to run around doing my thing when I realized I had to put on this goofy eye make up. But there's the catch, I can't just put on ONLY eye make up, I just don't do that. It's like a half finished painting. So I started doing my whole make up routine but changed up my eyes a little.
First I tried Cow's black liquid eyeliner.
Guess what? I don't like liquid eyeliner. I remember wearing that 20 years ago & thought it would be a breeze to put on & I would like it just as much now as I did then. But it appears that's not the case, in fact it's NOT easy to put on & even worse to get off.
Thankfully I survived with what only looked like a slight beating.
I did make a small change & left my pencil eyeliner off & went a little heavier on the mascara. I liked it & figured I would take a pic for you.
Again, I figured no biggie right? I'll just do like my daughter & snap a pic of myself with the droid phone.
Ya know what? That's a talent only a person who can't yet vote has. Because I stood in that mirror trying to take one stupid picture of my eyes & it was ridiculous!
Most of the pictures I either looked like my dad or insane, so basically I ended up looking like a psychotic old man!
And let me warn all you parents of teens who do this...they're frying there brains! I tried taking about ten different pics & after all the flashing I was literally dizzy, nauseous, & had a headache!

Anyway, I gave up on that & let my hair out of it's forever ponytail & realized I liked how I looked. I went about my day cleaning, schooling, & cooking & every now & then I would catch a glimpse in the mirror & had to take a double take.
Not because I was knock down, drop dead, gorgeous. But simply because this person in the mirror was the one I only see on Sundays.
She feels good about herself. She is more confident & in an all around better mood.
My conclusion?
I really think I can handle getting dressed & putting on a little make up everyday. It really only takes a few minutes & makes a big difference for me.
So how about you? Think you can handle this one little step?
Come on, I double dog dare you.

The Blessed Supermom

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