Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do My Socks Really have To Match?

Seriously? I have to get dressed? Everyday????
Come on, now that's just a bit much don't ya think? I mean I understand when company is coming & going to church or the store. But what's wrong with being comfy?? I like being comfy. Don't you??
I don't know about you but I consider it a grand accomplishment to get my kids dressed everyday, now I'm spose to get dressed too???
Okay, so let me splain why all the whining.
I stumbled across this Supermom who is challenging us Mama's to get dressed.
I mean I have my hands full in the morning ya know? I have these wee ones who want breakfast & my undivided attention. Then there's the friends who tell me how important it is to have "me time"
They've suggested getting up before my little people & make myself pretty. Not necessarily make up & the whole nine yards but just a little something.
Well, if I'm getting up before the kids (which is a rarity) I'm gonna hang out with God.
So basically, we're all frumping around the house first thing in the morning & they get washed & dressed & I end up looking like this...

(don't ya love the wee piggies)

Now, clearly my feet are cold & this is why I'm wearing the big thick socks but they're mismatched because that's what was in my drawer.
Nuff said...
I'm not gonna run around bonkers trying to find matching socks. It's just not high on my list of priorities. But then there's this challenge.
And unfortunately I can't pass a challenge. It's like getting double dog dared, ya just can't walk away.
So here I am, sitting at the computer with my mismatched socks talking about getting dressed so I suppose I have to go to my closet. But ya know what getting dressed is gonna lead to right?
Make up.
And ya know what make up is gonna lead to...
Fixing my hair.
This is just gonna snowball.

The Blessed Supermom

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