Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Two Of My Favorite Guys

These are two of my most favorite guys on the planet. Of course there's my awesome hubby who regularly puts up with me, I'm blessed that God gave this guy an extra dose of patience because truth is I can be a downright lunatic sometimes. He happens to be good looking & can play the drums like nobody's business & I love it. I'm a rocker chick at heart =)
Then there's this guy on the left.
I like him bunches too, in fact I love him.
He's my Pastor.
He is one of the most amazing guys on the planet, next to hubby of course. I'm gonna gush about him for a minute.
I first met Pastor in 2003, I was guarded because I didn't have any good experiences with "the church" & I wasn't real interested. I was one of those people who ran to Jesus when things were messed up but quickly forgot Him when I didn't think I needed Him. Hubby & I decided to go to church for the "structure" of it, we figured it would be good for the kids.
Pastor Al was interested in more then giving us structure, he was interested in our everlasting souls.
There's a whole big long testimony to my salvation story & I can write for a few days about it. But what I want to focus on is my pastor, he is an amazing man after God's heart. He is a man of integrity, honor, & nobility. He is an example to young men of the man they ought to strive to be & an example to women as to the type of characteristics to look for in a husband & father to their children. He has more than fulfilled his call to be a Shepard to the flock God has blessed him with.
He led me to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ & has continuously cared for my family.
Al...he's more than my Pastor.
He's my friend.
We love you...

The Blessed Supermom

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