Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Special Day

Well, yesterday was my b-day. Yeup, another year older & wiser...ech, ach, hack, hack.
Excuse me but I was choking on that last word.

Anyway, I am a year older!! Although, yesterday was technically my birthday my family celebrated with me this past Sunday. I had a great day!
Big Daddy made me a rib eye, yummmmm....and all the girlies made me cards. We topped off the night with my favorite cake, celebrating advent, & watching a movie I promptly fell asleep too. It was a nice night. The Hubby had a little bit of a hard time because I had no pretty packages to unwrap, moneys tight right now. But truly, I'm okay with that. Sure I'm like anyone else & can't help but get a wee bit gitty when opening up a present but this year I got something better. I got to look at my kiddos heartfelt art work.
All my girlies spent a lot of time making me sweet cards. I'm one of those people who keeps cards, every...single...card. I have a very hard time tossing em'.
Especially if they're uber special. Really, I have stacks of cards. I wonder if there's a twelve step recovery program for out of control card keepers??
Anyway, when my girlies made cards for me it touched my heart. They're adorable & Cow being the oldest didn't just make something sweet she challenged me! See, Cow & I have had a competition going since she could speak. It starts with three simple words..."I LOVE YOU"

Then it turns into this...

I Love You Cow, more than the rainbow :)

My Bear made a cute card that initially confused me because there was a tracing of her hand print & a frowny face. She explained that it was the saddened turkey contemplating his impending doom. I think that's hysterical!! My eight year old managed in her beautiful little card to remember her mamas sick sense of humor :D
And it really was beautiful!
Look at the sweet little garden she drew for me with a little bling of course =)

Then she wrote me this poem...

God is great

God is good

He gave me my Mommy

Then my Monkey Girl gave me a card with a gergillion purple hearts (my favorite color is purple) and she drew crowns for both of us & pics of us together. Just me & her, alone time :) I gotta say, I love her little drawings done in pencil. This is my stinker cutie who wiggled her way in my heart =)

And last but most certainly not least my Piglet Princess toddled over & gave me this!

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen!! I was so tickled!! Look at the wee little polished piggie toes!! Eeeeeeeeee :)
Yes, I just squealed!

Big Daddy gave me the most wonderful gift he could give me...the day off!!
I didn't have to lift a finger! No dishes, no getting the girlies ready for bed, no cooking dinner.
It was awesome!
I honestly had a wonderful day :)
So for my birthday, as in the day I was actually born I washed a load of towels, giving a math quiz, peeling & mashing up taters & looking forward to next years birthday with my family doing the exact same thing.
Keeping it simple with some homemade cards, a little bit of cake, a movie, & maybe splurging on my once a year steak!
I love you my babies & my handsome man!
My birthday is wonderful because of the blessing of all of you in my life :)

The Blessed Supermom

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