Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Diagnosis

Well, yesterday I received the Wee Piglet's allergy results & you guessed it, she's allergic to everything!!
Nahhh, just kidding =D
She's allergic to peanuts & soy, so YAY!!
I was so worried she'd be allergic to all things food. Seriously, I was sure she was gonna make cooking very difficult but I can live without peanut butter...I think.
I mean what am I giving up? Not much right??
Just PB cookies & homemade PB cups...uh & PB brownies ;(
Hey! Wait a minute here! Stop the train...I don't want to go to a town where peanut butter can't come with me..boo-hoo.
And guess what I found out? Nestle Chocolate Chips have traces of peanut, soooo guess who's gonna be makin chocolate chips?
Anyway, we can definitely do without soy...yeck, blech, ach..
I use it from time to time but it isn't something major like PEANUT BUTTER!!!!
And now Princess Bear aka "quickly becoming talented in the arts of drama" is getting a blood test to check her gluten as well as milk/eggs & the like.
And let me tell ya, if Mrs. Thang can't have milk or eggs or BIG FAT UH-OH...no gluten
I'm throwin' in the towel!

Oh well, I'm gonna go eat a big gluten filled peanut butter cookie with a ton of chocolate chips!!

The Blessed Supermom

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