Monday, May 16, 2011

Cooking Frenzy

OK, so I've read a lot about freezer cooking & I've always been more than interested. However, I just don't have the space.
What I prefer to do is cook up as much meat as I can & freeze that. So I decided to have a mini freezer cooking day & I figured I'd make up our weeks worth of snax too.
So here's my list of what I'm preparing...

2 batches of World’s Easiest Make-Ahead Marinated Chicken Recipe
Pan of Baked Oatmeal~after cooking, cut into squares & freeze
Brown 1 lb pork, 2 lbs turkey, & a package of Italian Sausage
Boil & shred 5 lbs chicken breast.
All of these previous items will be frozen.

Now, onto the weeks goodies.
I'm gonna whip up some guacamole & fry tortilla chips.
Make the kiddos some jello.
Make a double batch of chocolate chip cookies~bake one & freeze the other.
Bake a loaf of Whole Wheat Honey Bread (maybe two)
And first attempt at homemade doughnuts.

I'm not sure about this last one though, I hope to be done with EVERYTHING by 2 pm. But after all the other cooking I may be all shriveled up & toasty & unable to do anymore.
We'll see...I think I may be a wee bit crazy =)

The Blessed Supermom

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