Friday, May 27, 2011

Bath + Earplugs + Poop = Failure

OK, did I mention in the last post we have one bathroom? 6 people, 1 bathroom...let me leave you with that to chew on for a second.
Well, here I was in my nice relaxing bath only to discover I'm about two feet too big for this thing, now mind you I'm not tall, in fact I'm the opposite...horizontally challenged. Anyway, there I am all crunched up & I figure no biggie, I've got my lavender oil goin & I'll download a book from kindle.
I've never done that so I checked out "free classics" & chose The Scarlett Letter. But then I got to thinking "are there naughty parts in here?"
I mean it is a book where the main character is an adulteress (sp) right? Somebody help me out here.
OK, scratch that...
Supermom is scrunched up in the tub with no book, what to do..what to do??
Ahhhh!! Pandora!
I'll listen to some music :) However, for some wickedly sarcastic reason Pandora isn't working :(
Ok, I'll give tune in radio a shot. Nope, sorry Mommy who is trying to relax tune in radio will not buffer (insert sinister laugh from android phone here)
Out of desperation I go to you tube to play some music & alas, it works!!
But Murphys Law will not give up so easily..OH NO!
This is when the Monkey has to pee, & ohhhh what a giggle it is for her to potty with Mama hiding behind the shower curtain. Finally after she is emptied, wiped, & washed she decides she wants to give me a hug. Isn't that sweet?
I declined -_-
Ahhh...time for me.
But now the water has turned cold & I'm shivering in my scrunched up tub. I still have an hour before The Hubby & I need to leave to meet some friends, but guess what??
The dryer stopped & the clothes are still damp & we're all out of quarters...I suppose they won't mind if I where jammies, grrrrr.....
OK, I'm gettin ticked off.
Better now. Well the bath was a bust but at least I can doll myself up a bit :)
Got the hair dryer & I'll pop in my contacts, but no no. Monkey has to pooh now, I have one contact in my hand, I can't see, my towel is fighting gravity, & she wants a poopy wipe...GRRRRR.
goosfra...oh whatever >{
So now the ONE BATHROOM does not smell like lavender & I'm grumpy. I think I'm gonna go pout & feel sorry for myself and have some cheesecake....that'll help.

The Blessed Supermom

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