Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Painful Owies, A Lesson In Forgiveness, & A Serious Lack of Sleep

Picture this, you're peacefully driving along when your hubby calls you, gingerly you pick up the phone, "Hi baby! " Instantly it's apparent something is wrong, there's fear in his voice, hysterical screaming in the background & he's saying "you need to get home, you need to get home right now"
Well, this is how my evening began. The Hubby called me & he was obviously afraid, now let me just pause here & say I've learned to take my sweet hubby's reactions with a grain of salt at times. Not because his feelings don't matter but sometimes his reactions...hmmmm...shall we say can be a wee bit scary. For example a year ago I had a sudden seizure & The Hubby ran to me yelling "she smashed her face"
I didn't smash my face but that's what he thought so that's what he said & after many years with him I've gotten used to waiting the whopping one minute it takes for him to rethink his statement. But this time he wasn't wavering, he was scared & you could here it in his voice. He was also very calm which made me very nervous. He told me that my 4 year old pushed my 8 year old, I thought "OK, is it that bad? Did she break a bone" Turns out Monkey pushed her off the toilet that she was standing on right into the bathtub. My sweet Bear landed on her back banging her head as the shower curtain & rod fell atop her stomach.
I told him to get her ready & that I would take her to the ER, I just had altogether a bad feeling. Now, I'm not the Mama in the hospital every other week, I used to be but after all the flu's, twisted ankles, & mystery fevers 4 kids bring I tend more often than not to be Dr & Nurse.
However, with the fact that she was dizzy, nauseous, & "tired" this had head trauma written all over it.
Sooooo, I got home & brought my sweetness to the ER where they triage her quickly & the doc ordered a CT. After a short wait we met with doctor who checked her out both physically & neurologically, he said getting a CT wasn't the best option for my baby (radiation exposure) & that she had a concussion. What she needed was pain meds & plenty of rest.
I was glad Bear didn't need to go thru any tests & that we could go home.
Now, through all this mess...the fear, stress, & worry I was amazed at my daughters reaction to the ordeal.

She wasn't mad at her sister!! Ya know, the one who knocked her for a loop??!?!!??!!
Instead, she asked that we call her from the waiting room where she proceeded to tell her "I just wanna tell you I love you & I forgive you, even if you don't say you're sorry, I know you didn't mean to cause me all this trouble"
I was floored!
How many times do I pout & hold a grudge against my husband just for lookin at me funny? Or worse yet how many times do I harbor resentment towards my children when they aren't behaving as they should??
My 8 year old taught me a huge lesson in forgiveness, she chose in her heart to forgive her sister & show her grace when she didn't deserve it, it amazes me because on the way to the ER she told me "Mommy, ya know that scripture you told us about yesterday? The one about God giving....ummmm, ummmm..oh yeah! Grace??I was just thinking about that"
She was referencing James 4:6 “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”
I feel privileged to watch God's grace through my beautiful & humble little girl.
I'm very proud of my sweet princess, she had a terrible experience & came out of it with a few bumps & bruises but her heart was unscathed.
This Mama has had a very long night & the bed is calling out to me, it's only a few hours til the Wee Munchkin makes her presence known, so I leave you with this...
Today, when someone cuts you off, when you get that snide remark from the check out girl, when that one family member continues to treat you unfairly...remember the reaction of a little girl who had every right to get angry. She had every "right" to give the cold shoulder & hold a grudge, but instead she chose to be a blessing, not a curse..instead she chose to "be Christ" to another.

The Blessed Supermom


  1. So glad she is fine and what a blessing she is and will be as she continues to grow in the Lord.

    Isaiah 54:13

    All your sons will be taught of the LORD;
    And the well-being of your sons will be great.

  2. So glad she is doing OK. What a treasure she is! I love how the kids just soak it all up and learn so quickly!