Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy "Golden" Birthday!!!

Today is a wonderful sweet little girl is celebrating her "Golden Birthday"
My Princess is 8 years old!! I can't believe how blessed we are with this wonderful girl, I remember when she came into this world..ooOhhhhH!
She was crying so loud you could hear her down the halls, but as soon as she was in Mama's arms she was fine. That's a little how the past 8 years have been, she can get all worked up at times but she just loves to cuddle (with Mama) & when she's in my arms she's content.
I'm so proud of this little lady, she is only 8 years old today but you would think she was older if you had to guess, not because she looks it...oh no...she's still my lil peanut =)
But, because she is so responsible & helpful, she's ALWAYS so willing to help, my Princess helps me do dishes, laundry, cook, clean, & take care of her sisters. She really is a wonderful Godly woman in the making.
I love to call her my "gentle flower" because she has such a sweet spirit, she is so empathetic & sensitive to the needs of others. I always tell her we'll take care of her heart like a little "gentle flower" & she gets the sweetest most innocent smile.
Oh! I need to mention how much she loves God. It is by far the most amazing thing about her, she has such a sweet abandon for Him, I can just see God smiling as she worships Him. She has a real desire to know Him more & it amazes me every day.

My Sweet Beautiful Little Girl...I love you more than you can imagine. You are such a wonderful little person & I believe with all my heart you're going to do amazing & awesome things in your life. I know you love God & sweet girl...keep on loving Him because He loves you sooooo much He sent His son to die for you. You mean that much to Him Mamita. I want you to always remember that you're Mama loves you & likes you too, I think you're a beautiful example to your sisters & a great "encourager" You fill my heart with joy & I can never get enough huggies & kissies from you. Beautiful Princess, don't ever change because you are perfect just the way you are.
Happy "Golden" Birthday Sweetness.....

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