Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baked Yummy Goodness & Some Fruit Too

Soooo, you'd think after the baking frenzy during Christmas I wouldn't want to go near a kitchen again right?
Well, I have this problem...see, I like food waaaayyyyy too much =)
Oh! And my wee ones too, they bring a smile to my face when we cook together.
I love to be in the kitchen with my littles to try out new & fun recipes. I hafta admit, initially allowing the little people to help made me feel somewhat insane.
It always started out ever so sweet...we all had our aprons on & big ole smiles but eventually I'd get a little more than batty because flour was being spilled & they were determined to taste everything with a raw egg in it! ACH!! By the end of our time together I was ready to run out the door, climb up a tree & start barking!!!
But, I've gotten better over the years, trust me this is no small miracle. I've actually come to a point where I can laugh at the mess & ENJOY my daughters.

I have learned to be prepared for the best & expect the worst. That may sound negative, but really it's not. See, in the past I was putting too much pressure on myself, and the kiddos, to have this "perfect" experience. I had visions of Ma...ya know?
Little House on The Prairie.
Here I'd be smiling as my wonderful little girls made bread that didn't fall, they got along wonderfully of course, then ran off to milk the cow & churn some butter.
OK...OK maybe there wasn't a cow....but there was butter! At least there will be tomorrow...really, don't ask.
Anyway, to get a little serious here, I'm grateful that God adjusted my perspective. He showed me that what was important was not whether everything was "just so"
What mattered was my children's hearts. Yes, in something as simple as baking in the kitchen with Mommy, I was given the blessed opportunity to minister to my babies.
As we work together we are loving one another, the girls are learning to be kind & gentle with one anothers hearts, & to have a spirit of peace & patience.
Sound familiar? These are a few of the Fruits of The Spirit.
And what better place to learn them then in the home, at Mama's side.
Learning by the example I give when the bowl of flour is tipped & I laugh with true joy and even show some self control instead of all that tree barking.

I'm a wee bit embarrassed about that...

The Blessed Supermom


  1. AWWWWW!! That is soo sweet! I enjoy cooking in the kitchen with the boys!

    How did the granola turn out?? Which recipe did you end up using??

  2. We ended up making two so far. The Peanut Butter (made that one before & Dan loves it!)
    And an apple granola. Lan's waiting on a brown sugar one. Today we're making some quick breads =)