Thursday, January 13, 2011

Real Housewives of.....

New Jersey, Orange County, New York, Atlanta....
Apparently, this is where the REAL HOUSEWIVES live...
Have you seen them? They are tall, thin, & beautiful with 28 inch waists & hair down to there. They are of concern to me.
Well, I finally decided to watch an episode because I've been wondering what's all the hype? Being a "housewife" myself (I prefer SUPERMOM) I wanted to see what BRAVO's impression of this type of woman is.
We all already know what ABC thinks...big fat UGH...
Well,'s not much better, in fact I think it may be worse.
Because these aren't actresses, these are real women & although I'm not saying these women are bad I do think it's a poor representation of a SAHM.
First of all, from what I saw there are a lot of Nanny's. Now, let me make a point of saying if you use a nanny or are a nanny yourself I have nothing against you. That being said, most women I know don't have one so that in & of itself isn't so "REAL"
The other thing of serious concern to me was the language.
WOW!!! Seriously????
Call it what you want~freedom of speech, in your face entertainment, independent, bold. But come on, when did ladies stop acting like ladies & become foul mouthed, suggestive, offensive truckers??
I know that I am far from the dainty lady sitting in my heals & wearing a string of pearls, minding all my P's & Q's but I am most certain if there's a camera rolling I'm not gonna be saying anywhere near the stuff I heard Sunday night.
Then there was the arguing, backbiting & downright snarling.

Half these women don't appear to like one another. They are continually running around & gossiping about their "friends" & many feelings are hurt. Unfortunately when feelings are hurt there are no apologies & hugs instead they are vicious & appear that they will tear each other apart.
You would think after arguments & name calling the "friendships" would cease, however, they all end up at a spa or party hashing it out with more name calling & they even come close to throwing fists!!
This apparently, is how they make up!
Now, what I found most noticeable was the appearance of these "housewives"
I have nothing wrong with being good looking, I'm really not so bad myself =)
But I just don't feel this is all too realistic. The women I watched had legs miles long, perfectly manicured fingers, & make up on as soon as they rolled outta bed!

I am most concerned about this last detail because our my little girls gonna think this is what "Real Housewives" look like??
Are they gonna beat themselves up to fit an almost unattainable mold??
Because my daughters aren't being exposed to this program but what about all the little girls & young teens who are??
What will they think when reality hits & they are wallowing in piles of laundry as the baby fusses & the toilet overflows?

Just a few hours prior to watching this most interesting show I watched the goodness of God in the real housewives I'm blessed to have in my life...
We had a great time sipping coffee, munching on donuts, & just laughing!!
I am quite certain only one of my Supermama friends had on make up although I can truly say Jo really rocks those glasses of hers & Mrs. Toni was workin' the "do" in my opinion =)
I myself am not too sure my socks matched & my other girlfriend was quite proud to show off her sweater that read "Because I'm The Boss, That's Why"

Now, these women...they are REAL HOUSEWIVES....
They are clothed in humility & beauty. They aren't ashamed to wear the grace of God & show Christ to children who are testing them. They are encourager's to their men & create safe havens for them to come home to.
These are beautiful women.

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  1. Tina,
    Thank you for your kind words and advice. It really is nice to talk to someone who has been through a pregnancy after loss. You are a true blessing to me. I gave you a blog award. If you get a chance, stop by my blog and pick it up.