Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years 2011...she made it!!!

Well, The Bear finally made it!!
She was soooo excited to ring in 2011 with Daddy & Mommy. It was so adorable, she's made it to midnight once before, when she was 2, but apparently that doesn't count because she can't remember. Every year since then she has fallen asleep, I really thought she was going to pass out with her sister around 11pm. Monkey was unconscious on the sofa & absolutely nothing was waking her. Eventually Bear was on the floor wrapped up in her blankie telling me how tired she was. I was so exhausted (as usual) & privately hoped she would fall asleep so I could go to bed. I offered the idea to her of taking a "nap"
I know, I know...bad mama...we all know it was a plot to get her to sleep so I could climb into bed.
But she was determined...& before we knew it 2011 was moments away!
As we began counting down I thought she was gonna burst!! She started doing her "signature squeal"
Now, lemme just tell you a little about that. I have never ever ever heard a child screech as this child can, the Hubby says she's calling down the eagles!!

Now, somehow through all that screeching The Monkey was still sleeping. So being the good mama I am I woke her up. She was then somewhat ticked at me & only wanted Daddy...

Then the dancing began, read that right...DANCING. Bear just couldn't contain herself & The Hubby is a big kid at heart so they proceeded to have a wiggling jiggling free for all. The Hubby was even caught on tape but I have no doubt that if I post the video I may not live to see tomorrow. So I'll just share some pics of the dynamic duo...

Honestly, as you can see by all the pics, The Bear wasn't slowing down...she was so happy & felt like such a big girl for being up so late. The Hubby & I let her go wild a lil bit longer before bedtime.
But alas, all good things must come to an end & it was time for my little girl to calm down & get some rest. The Monkey cuddled up with Mommy & was falling asleep in my arms in no time flat. Bear was still pretty excited but was willing to slow down a bit.

Over all, ringing in the New Year was a lot of fun & I'm already looking forward to the kiddos excitement in 2012!! Who knows, maybe next time The Monkey will make it & we'll have a serious party!!

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