Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cinnamon Buns!!

OK, I've made Cinnamon Buns before & they were good...at least I thought they were good. Until I tasted these.

There are no words to describe the wonderful goodness that happens when you bite into this sugary delight.
Honestly, if God made Cinnamon Buns this would be it. I think it's quite possible angels are singing about how good these are. OK, don't get all ruffled...I know they don't sing about Cinnamon Buns....but really these are sooooooo good.
Be forewarned, they are quite sweet & I couldn't personally handle more than one.
Another warning, you're husband will adore you & may very well call up his mother & brag. Lastly, your kids will likely bounce haphazardly off the walls for several hours. That being said....make these rolls!!!! They are stupid good* & even better the next day!!

*Stupid Good~Food that tastes so good you can't help but act stupid because your brain has ceased to function due to the sheer joy of the delectable goodie your eating


  1. Love love this recipe!! This is the recipe we use also. It is so devine! We make them about every other week!