Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dancing w/ Daddy

*make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page & pause the music on my pop out player before starting*

I love this video. I simply adore the way My Sweet Little Girl is looking up at her father. Just before this was recorded my Bear got all dressed up & smiled at her Papa asking if he would please dance with her. He was in the middle of a project & told her he couldn't dance right now. I looked on as her face fell & her shoulders drooped as she walked away. I'll admit, I was disappointed, I wanted very much to get involved & well...shake him. But, I need to say that I didn't give my husband credit.

He was very aware of his little girl & her need for him...

He stopped what he was doing & unknown to her he went & dressed up in his dress clothes & even threw on a jacket. He then came into the room & asked her to dance =)
You can see in the video how filled with love she is for her Daddy.
She's continually smiling & doesn't even care when her crown falls off. She carelessly throws it to the side enjoying the dance with her father more. The dance ends with the sweetest hug as he tells her he loves her.
I'm so in love with my husband right now. It takes an awesome father to step up & be a man of character & an example of love for his daughter. She will hold other men to the standard that he sets for her.
He is giving her the attention she needs as a little girl & he is actively capturing her heart.
He is a good man, a great dad, & a wonderful husband.
My girls & I are blessed to have him as our own...

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