Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I love my Monkey, she's my little stinker =)

She completely amazes me by the off the wall funny comments she says & silly faces she makes. She almost always has us doubled over in laughter. God has most definitely given her an "interesting" personality.
She's kinda tough too. I always call Bear my "gentle flower"
Now, she can be rough at times but over all she's more the tea & crumpets type girl.
Monkey on the other hand would take the crumpets & dip them (& her fingers) in ketchup while spilling the tea everywhere!!
But she can drop all that silliness & that big ole tough act & be my "hotbox"
See, before the Wee Munchkin was born, Monkey would climb into bed every afternoon with me & cuddle up. She was always so toasty warm & I would call her my hotbox.
I was so exhausted with the pregnancy & she liked taking her naps with me =)
But after the Munchkin came there wasn't a lot of time for that anymore *sigh*
But every now & then she comes up with a sweet little smile & says "I'm your hotbox"
Those words let me know she needs some cuddle time with Mommy, & I'm so happy to oblige.
We carve time out of the day to get under the blankets & cuddle, however we don't sleep anymore, last time we snuck OREO's in bed with us & enjoyed them oh so much!!
The Hubby wasn't all too happy about the crumbs tho, I'll hafta to a better job with the clean up next time =)

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