Saturday, February 5, 2011


So it's taken a few days to post but...HEY!!! We've been playin' in the snow!!
In case you haven't watched the news, read the papers, or possibly live under a rock. The great City of Chicago was pummeled with a deluge of snow & wind. I have never before seen anything like this...

Our back door

View from 2nd floor window

Our neighbors car covered in snow

Snow Covered Lawn

Not sure where the street is

The City just about shut down. Over 120,000 homes were without electricity, Lake Shore Drive (a major downtown street) was overwhelmed with vehicles unable to move because of white out conditions & car accidents. And when all was said & done Mother Nature poured out a jillion inches of powdery joy for the kiddies.
OK, it was actually Father GOD & somewhere in the range of 19 inches...
Anyway, The Hubby was told to stay home from work & the lil people took him out to play. Here's some pics of the fun...

Building their Fort

The Munchkins 1st Blizzard!

The finished product

Diving in the snow

Mama & Munchkin'

Our Snow Angels =)

The Blessed Supermom

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