Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Letter to My Daughter...Happy Birthday!!

Hi My Sweet Girl...

Today you are one year old!

Time has gone by so quickly, It feels as though just yesterday I saw your sweet face for the first time. You were so tiny & beautiful, absolutely perfect...

I was so very nervous about meeting you, I just didn't know what to expect. God had taken your big brother Isaac & your big sister Hannah to Heaven with Him, so I was anxious to hold you in my arms & kiss you. Daddy was so wonderful to me & prayed & helped me to stay calm. I remember looking at your beautiful little poofy face, you were so amazing. Daddy looked in your eyes & said "just a few hours ago these eyes were looking into the faces of Angels"

What an amazing thought!!
Now, here we year later.

My beautiful girl, you changed my life...God used you to give me Hope when I was so broken. You are a wonderful gift & I'm so thankful for you. I have loved every moment with you, all 525,949.2 of them =)
I'm happy with all the sleepless nights, all the pacing, bouncing, & fussiness. I'm thankful for all the smiles, giggles, squeals, & laughter.
I love you more & more everyday!!
Happy Birthday my Beautiful One!

The Blessed Supermom

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