Wednesday, September 8, 2010

12 Week Holiday Planner

OK, I can't take credit for this, although I'd love too. This comes via my Awesome Supermom friend. Lemme tell ya, she's really Super. Ya know, one of those Supermoms that when you get in a sticky situation you think what would shheeee do???
Well, she posted about a "12 Week Holiday Planner" & if she "highly recommends" it well than I do too!

Just look at some of the great stuff this e-book offers

  • Weekly "To Do" lists showing exactly what needs to be done each week

  • Thanksgiving and Christmas Menus forms

  • Shopping Lists

  • Christmas Craft and Gift Ideas

  • Memory Making Ideas for the Family
  • Holiday Baking Schedule

And this is only a small snippet of what's in the e-book, there's so much more! So click on the link below & visit my wonderful Supermom friend & check out the Holiday Planner while your there!!

Take Flight: 12 Week Holiday Planner: "I're thinking it's too early to be thinking about Christmas. Not so! A friend of mine just posted on her Facebook that Dollar T..."

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