Monday, August 30, 2010

Going Paperless???

OK, I think I'm gonna do it. I think I'm really gonna do it. I'm gonna give up paper.
I didn't realize I was headed this way, it all kinda started with the idea of helping The Hubby financially. It began with diapers. I started researching cloth diapers to find that they would cost an arm & a leg! Eventually there would be quite a saving but right off the bat we'd be spending over 400 bux. It was very hard to convince The Hubby behind the logic of spending lotsa cash to save some cash considering we really didn't have any cash.
So he did what he does, he got all stinkin logical on me & pointed out how it wasn't beneficial right now, the bad doesn't outweigh the good, & all that stuff...blah blah blah. UGH, why is he always right?
Anyway, 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my Hannah girl, she's my butterfly in Heaven, I was talking to a Supermom in the waiting room. This Mama was telling me all about cloth diapers & how she used a basic pre-fold cloth with diaper covers. Now, I thought she was impressive but a lunatic. I mean when we're talkin cloth diapers aren't we talkin about all the snazzy newer types with velcro, buttons, & cute little designs?? Not, your mothers diapers...with pins & in order to wash 'em they had to be fed through a ringer & all that other scary stuff! Right???
Well, I quickly chucked that idea right out the window. But now that we have the wee munchkin I've been rethinkin it, but still very leary to the pre-fold diapers. I just really didn't think I was capable of goin that route, keepin up with cleanin the dipes & I couldn't afford 'em anyway.
However, here I am...with no diapers, I forgot to check my supply.
I lost some Supermom points today =(
Well, every Supermom has a Grand Master Suuuuper Duper Mom & thankfully mine quickly threw on her cape & flew over to save the day.
She's able to leap buildings in a single bound---more powerful than a locomotive---faster than a speeding bullet, & shows up at your doorstep with Huggies when your baby's butt is nakey =)
Well, bein that this isn't the first time she had to save the day I thought maybe I oughta look more into this cloth diaper thing, I was ecstatic to come across a much cheaper option.
They're KaWaii Baby Cloth Diapers, they have an on-line store called Luv Your Baby Products & they most definitely fit my budget. I figured I'd have a little confidence in myself & go ahead & do it the "old-fashioned" way & use pre-fold diapers & add a diaper cover. The diaper covers or only $4.50 & I already own tons of the pre-folds! So I can buy a dozen covers for a little over 50 bux!! Considering that we spend that almost monthly I figure it's worth a shot!
And why stop at diapers? Why not wipes, paper towels, napkins? So as of today we are out of paper towels & I'm not buying another roll. Instead I'm gonna go ahead & invest in some good strong cloth towels for my kitchen, I'm also gonna start workin on reusable wipes made out of receiving blankets, & stitch some napkins recruiting my zoo animals to pick out fabric patterns. So this is the beginning of a semi-paperless household.
I mean really there is no way to avoid the toilet paper issue!

The Blessed Zookeeper


  1. You're so funny! Love it! I try to use more cloth, but can't manage to clean the bathroom (toilet bowl and around the floor of the toilet) with anything but paper towel. Speaking of toilet...paper, check this out! :-)

  2. I saw you were needing some blog tips. Let me know if you still need help.