Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Good Breakfast

I gotta tell ya, I'm done. It's just after 7 & I'm ready for bed. I have been worked over something fierce today. We're still workin on recovering from Hubby's 7 month long vay cay. The animals are restless to say the least. Last week I started them back on a routine & The Bear was so confused, she kept saying "why do you keep telling us what to do??"
Now, mind you she wasn't being disrespectful, she really was at a loss. She's pretty used to runnin wild right now & to have me tellin her every 45 minutes to do this or that was strange.
And it's been an up hill battle but all in all my girls are like most kids, they aim to please. And they're curious to boot.
That's a pretty good combo.

But then we have days like today.

Days when I have cried many tears of frustration & wondered if I have even the faintest idea what I'm doing.
Days when the kids seem to be possessed. And No, not demon possessed more like "I'm insane crazy & my goal for the day is to drive you outta your mind" possessed.
I could ramble on & on and list the many things they did & did not do. But that's really not necessary.
In a nutshell, they were having a rough day themselves. Why was it rough you ask? What could possibly be so hard for a 7 year old & a 4 year old?
I mean nice threads, 4 walls, 3 squares. They've got it easy right???
Well, I guess not, you see when they got up this morning, they had to clean up their room before breakfast. They tore it up last night & I was so itchin for some peace & quiet I said "go to bed but you hafta clean it BEFORE breakfast"
So me, in my great Mommy wisdom had them clean & gave them a late breakfast, which as you other Mommies know, breakfast can make or break your day.
Our breakfast routine is to sit together & while the girls eat I read Bible Devotions with them. Today I didn't do that because we were thrown off with their bedroom.
Isn't it funny how not inviting God to breakfast with you can make the entire day nuts.
He is so important & forgetting Him because the room needs to get cleaned or school has to get started is more than foolish. I can see the fruit of my choices this morning & I can tell you, it's some pretty bitter fruit.
And in all honesty I'd LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE to blame them. I'd love to point the finger & say "ach!! You little heathens, fallin little creatures, MUAHHAHAHAHA!"
But, alas...God points me back to the mirror & reminds me that although my children are not angels they are dependent upon me to teach them what's important. And while a clean room is important, it teaches organization, responsibility, & diligence.
There is absolutely nothing more important than a good breakfast...wait let's make that a
God Breakfast....

The Blessed Zookeeper

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