Sunday, August 15, 2010

In the Blink of an Eye...

This is my wee-est munchkin. She's 6 months old. I thank God for her everyday, we waited such a long time to meet her. I want to be careful not to take my moments with her for granted.
I know life is busy & all of us Supermoms get caught up in bein' super.....there is so much to do. But to be quite honest...I'm an older Supermom.

No, I'm not old! Stop that!!

I'm just "older" & starting to understand slowing down & savoring the moments.
Moments of toothless gummy grins.
Moments of big dark eyes starin up at me.
Moments of holding little tiny hands & feet....

Moments are precious & in the blink of an eye, my sweet little beautiful girl that I held in my arms is suddenly a woman.

This is my oldest....she's 15. I thank God for her everyday. I'm in awe of her, only yesterday she was a baby.
I kissed her sweet little nose & held her hands in mine. When did she grow up? My life has suddenly slowed down & I see my sweet girl just running past me. It's like I'm walking in slow motion & she's zipping by getting older & older. I know it's cliche but "where did the time go?" When did her cute grin turn into a breathtaking smile? How did I miss that??
I'm so pleased with the woman she's becoming, I'm so thankful that she loves God even when she doesn't understand Him. And that she forgives my faults.
But I miss the days of my little girl climbing onto my lap & wanting to be held by her mama.
So, to all my younger Supermoms out there, slow down. Leave the dishes in the sink, let the laundry sit a while longer. Pick up your babies & cuddle them close, kiss their sweet faces, & hold their chubby hands.
Because moments the blink of an eye.

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