Monday, August 20, 2012

Not Pretending

Okay....I'm mad. Not gonna play games here, not gonna pretend. I'm mad. My stepmom has just been diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer & ya know what??? This really sucks!!
I'm just blown away ya know, like can this really be happening?? Did this evil monster really just invade our family? I can't even process this. I know that I'm angry cuz that's what I do to cover up my pain. Learned that one in my ACOA class (oh joy)
But really I don't want to accept this, I don't wanna cry & feel and all that stupid crap. I just wanna smash things & scream!
Yes, name is Tina and I'm the lunatic of the family.
I'm in this throw of emotion knowing I need to pull myself together & be an encouragement to my stepmom & my father. I KNOW that I need to bring this all to the Lords feet and trust in Him.
Sometimes it's just so very hard to do that. Sometimes you need to wig out a little first. That's where I am...the wigging stage.
I love my stepmom & I'm gonna do all I can to give her all the love she needs.
I'm gonna continuously pray that God shows her favor.
Love you Adriana 

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