Sunday, July 22, 2012

Been A While..

Okay yea, it's been more than just a while. ya know it takes up most of my days. Things like insanely painful headaches sending me to the ER 3x's. Sicky little people. How's about my husbands building catching fire & not knowing whether he's outside of it & safe?
Yea, lotsa stuff.

But that's not what I'm doing here tonight. What I'm doing here is venting about one of the commitments I made to myself at the beginning of the year. Which one you ask?
Oh, the hardest one! The commitment of diving into my past to find out what makes me tick.
Can I just say that the deeper I go & the more my eyes are open the more nuttier I see I am. I don't mean that to put myself down, truth is you're nutty too, maybe ya just don't know it yet. 
See we ALL fall short of the glory of God & to put it in my own words we're all jacked up. We have all grown up in homes that were dysfunctional to some degree & we now carry that into our present life. Maybe you grew up in a home that was basically "normal" but began an unhealthy relationship with someone & that triggered those not so prominent dysfunctions from childhood. Those dysfunctions have grown & became genuine issues now.
My point is we all have a story & we're all "nutty" to some degree.

Me? I'm waaaay nutty!

I'm not ready to divulge every aspect of this new group I'm in, I've mentioned it before remember? It's basically a two year commitment into really digging deep into painful issues. And point blank sometimes it just sucks. I mean for me that is. I can honestly say I don't like all this stuff I'm learning because it hurts so bad. However I believe & trust that God is revealing these painful things to bring healing to me.

I think of it like an infection.
Look at it this way you get a cut & it's not properly cared for, eventually it becomes infected. So here you are with this painful cut & it's starting to sting & swell, you begin to think this hurts so much I can't wait for the Dr or antibiotics. I'm just gonna press down real hard on all the swelling & release the gross pus & goo. 
So with teeth clenched that's what ya do & maybe...just maybe if you're lucky the infection is cleared.
It's likely though that you're still infected & without the proper care & treatment the infection will continue to grow & spread. 

So do you get my gross analogy? Basically what I'm saying is I've been living with this infection in my heart & spirit all my life & now it's time to see the Dr & get real healing. It's just that after all these years the work involved isn't as easy as popping pills. I have to get deep down to all the roots & yank them out. I have to do things I don't like.
Like feel feelings. Maybe that sounds daft but it's true, I greatly dislike being vulnerable. Even with myself! So now to actually acknowledge this or that is truly foreign & strange. I mean I know it's healthy & right & I encourage others to share their heart but it's difficult to heed my own advice. 

All of this is a bit overwhelming & new to me but I can see God's hand in all of this & it's honestly amazing. Something I'm noticing is the blessings of the women God has given me in this group. Thinking of these women makes me feel like crying with gratitude (not used to feeling that)
I can honestly say these women are in my heart...forever. They are truly beautiful & God has used each & every single one of them to minister to me & open my eyes. They also help me feel less crazy! When I can hear someone share a feeling or thought they're having & I can actually relate it's like "whoa! I'm not the only one! Awesome!"
It really really helps me to have people in my life that are genuine & non judgemental. 

Well, I think I'm done ranting for now & I would like to say I'm gonna run off & do some really emotionally healthy thing right now like journal or meditate. But nah...I'm gonna eat chocolate & yea it's dysfunctional but chocolate taste good & it makes me happy =)

The Blessed Supermom  

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