Wednesday, March 28, 2012

God is still GOD

I'm typing this from Hope Childrens hospital pediatric ER. My little princess is being observed. We came in because my sweetie had a fever & what appeared to be an odd rash forming around the eyes.
I could give you all sorts of details but what it boils down to is she's being observed because initially we were looking at a possible blood infection. Specifically meningitis. Docs wanted to do a lumbar puncture & "aggressively treat" as a worse case scenario by pumping antibiotics & everything else possible. Thankfully preliminary blood results look favorable & we are NOT doing a spinal. We are waiting for some more results but at this point it appears my baby girl is going home some time tomorrow. My princess is sleeping peacefully right now.
I can't express enough the fear that grips when you hear a word like meningitis. It's beyond terrifying.
See, I would like to say I'm naive & thought things like meningitis are well controlled & stuff like that doesn't happen anymore.
Modern medicine ya know?
But I know all too well that all sorts of "things" that you THINK are no more can jump up & slap you.
My babygirl has been poked & prodded with everything from a needle to a catheter. Does a beautiful two year old really have to endure this? It's times like this I want to scream out "Why God why??? Why my baby?!!"
And in my heart I do.
I can't sit here & be all peachy & act like I'm not afraid because I'm scared silly. However, God is still GOD.
He is the same now as He was this morning. He is the same God who delivered Isaac by bringing a ram to sacrifice, He is the same God who set free the Israelites. He is the same God who chose to take my Isaac & Hannah Joy to heaven. In all these things He remains good! He remains faithful. And although I question in my heart "why God?" I hold to the truth of who He is & I will not let that go.
As for me & my house we will SERVE THE LORD. That is not contingent upon what our day holds.

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