Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Look at muh babee!! Is she adorable or what? We went to see the eye doc Monday & to my surprise the Monkey needs reading glasses. I suppose I shouldn't be too shocked considering I came out the womb wearing spectacles!
Either way I was a little droopy when it was becoming apparent where her appointment was heading. As I heard her say this or that was blurry my heart sunk a little thinking she was gonna end up blind as a bat like her Mama.
Example....the first time Big Daddy took me to an eye appointment he saw just how bad my eyes are. For some reason before my check up I was to look down a long hallway & on the far wall was the letter chart. I was supposed to call out letters as I saw them, I explained I couldn't see well & wouldn't see much. I was told just start walking & when you can clearly make out the top letter let us know. I walked within one foot of the wall before I finally saw the ginourmous "E" in front of me.

Big Daddy still makes fun of me.

That being said I'm sure you can understand my apprehension for my children to have poor eyesight.
However, eye doc said Monkey is only to wear glasses during school time & nothing else. He prescription is pretty light & we could of left her with no glasses but that would of caused more problems. Her eyes are already compensating for the nearsidedness so it was very likely we woulda been toast if we waited.

And I mean come on, she's so stinkin cute with em!
She was trying on all sorts of glasses before her appointment & we both thought these purple ones were adorable on her. When we were told she needed glasses she tried on a few but ended up sticking with her first choice.

I really wish I coulda got a pic of her with her big cheesey smile because lets face it, this kid has got just about the best smile in the world. With the glasses I couldn't help but smooch her all over her face when she flashed those that fantastic grin at me.

The Blessed Supermom

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