Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sooooo EXCITED!!!

The Illinois Christian Homeschool Educators Convention begins tomorrow!!! I am so stinkin' excited! I'll admit I wasn't feelin' it this year, see we go EVERY YEAR & this is my 4th time so I wasn't real motivated.
but now, WOO-HOO!
A weekend chock full of so many great Christian speakers. Last year we had Erwin Lutzer & Voddie Baucham just to name a few This time around we are looking forward to awesome speakers like Ken Ham, that guy rocks! And I'm goin' just to get some needed encouragement, for you homeschoolers out there you know how draining it can be. I'm not saying it's not worth it but I know seasoned homeschoolers who still get fried. It's a huge responsibility so it's really nice to get together with like minded folk.
I remember when my girlfriend first told me about convention, I still wasn't on board with the idea & thought she was nuts, sorry Jacki =)
Anyway, I had this vision in my mind of a simple "get together" of women in blue jean jumpers in a little hall hearing someone (in a blue jean jumper) talking about education.
Boy! Was I wrong!! There are literally thousands of people & the speakers are encouraging in the call of homeschool.

There are workshops on education but there is so much more.
Such as 6 Day's or Millions of Years? an informative workshop on the validity of the age of the Earth. Or A Holy Influence:Be The Crowning Touch In Your Husband's Life, pretty self explanatory wouldn't you say =)

And there's stuff for the kids (tween's & teens) like Experience The Majesty Of The Night Sky
this is an awesome tour of the star filled sky using the planetarium projector.
There's also "Lets Pick Your Brain" a workshop explaining the anatomy of the brain & the kids get to dissect an actual sheep brain!!! yuck yuck gross...eeeweweweewwwwwwww!!!!!
The Cow dissected a sheep eye last year. Weird huh? A cow dissecting a sheep?? Children & little ones are welcome too. Last year we brought The Wee Piglet & this sweet girl asked to hold her..

Then there's the fun shops about couponing, Friday Night movie night, father/son activities.

But the Grandaddy of all Grandaddies is....THE VENDOR HALL!!!!

It's a homeschoolers dream come true!! It's like our candy store! It's not some dreary room where you pick up the kids curriculum for the year. It's full of excitement & all sorts of cool stuff, yes there are books but there are vendors set up like Nature's Workshop Plus that have cool & interesting items for kids. I plan to pick up an ant farm, butterfly habitat, & frog hatchery kit. There's also Miller's Pad's & Paper which has awesome art supplies, or Kids Love Travel giving you great ideas on vacations to take that are easy, affordable, & fun.

This convention is all around wonderful. It has EVERYTHING you could ask for. And did I mention Grandparent's & Pastors can come for FREE?!!! Yeup, pretty cool huh?
If you are a homeschooler in the Midwest area I strongly encourage you to check this out. And if you aren't homeschooling yet & just thinking about it this is a great resource of information. If you don't hear from me for a few days it's cuz I'm running around in the vendor hall trying desperately not to blow off my budget =D

The Blessed Supermom

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