Monday, June 6, 2011

Kitchen Limbo

Well, this weekend was the Illinois Christian Home Educators Convention. It was great! And crazy, my homeschooling friends know what I'm talking about. It's kinda like being at a wonderful farmers market, there's all these great things to see & do. At first you take in all the sweet aromas & meander slowly though this ever so relaxing time, maybe even run into a few friends & buy some treasured items. After a while though, your feet start to swell & all those previously sweet smells begin to mesh together & you have a headache, Then BAM!!! Run over by a cart full of flowers!!
You're laying their dazed & confused but there's all this pretty stuff around you & no matter how much you know you should walk away, instead you limp toward the flowers & ask for more....
Now, if you think I'm exaggerating you should take a look at the golf ball sized bruise on my leg!
That being said, the bumps & bruises are worth it I'll go into more detail, but not today.

What is on my mind however is the mysterious allergic reaction the Bear had just over a week ago. I was really leaning toward cheese or some sort of dairy product because she had another reaction (or so it seemed) Wednesday & the only connection I could make was cheese. We also thought it could have been food poisoning but after thinking some that doesn't add up with all her previous tummy issues.
I just spoke to her pediatrician & she has absolutely NO ALLERGIES...UGH...seriously???
Well, we are still waiting for the Gluten Intolerance results & hope to get them tomorrow. But come on really! I am trying not to wig out over here! What's the deal???
I'm really at a loss, I don't even know what to feed her & don't want to give her something hurtful.

OK, pardon my miniwig.
I think I just made up a

Anyway, without having clear direction I don't feel comfortable having my regular Monday Cooking Day. I will bake some breads for the week & try to come up with a menu plan but that's about it. I'm also toying with the idea of removing Gluten anyway because an article I read explained the difference between Gluten Intolerance & Wheat Allergy. There is a large portion of people with Celiac Symptoms (gluten intolerance) who don't test positive for it. These people assume maybe they're just allergic to Wheat & go about their lives with the impression everything is fine & it's OK to eat it learning to live with the chronic issues. Or maybe their diagnosed with IBS. The problem is if you're not testing positive for Celiac & do have it, it becomes quite a danger over time. It is not an allergy, it's an Auto-Immune Disease & is cause for concern if not treated.
Well, after schooling you on all the Celiac stuff you probably understand a bit more why my kitchen is at a standstill. And furthermore why I may just cut Gluten out all together, see Bear is having so many symptoms of Gluten Intolerance & if it doesn't show up on her initial blood test we have to do further blood panels & possibly a biopsy of her small intestine.
Yea, I really don't think I'm gonna go there.
Who knows maybe it will show up on the test & I will have answers & if it doesn't Big Daddy & I will figure it out from there, either way I'm sure God will direct our paths.
And my kitchen =)

The Blessed Supermom

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