Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shaklee Giveaway!!

Wow!! Wowee Wow WOW!!
That's all I can say, I'm just so excited about this giveaway!!
OK, I'll calm down a bit, if you haven't heard Shaklee is a company which provides safe all natural products for your family & home. Such as Vitamins, Cleaning Products, Beauty Products...the list goes on & on. They've been around for over 50 years & they're motto is Shaklee Products Always Work, are Always Safe and are Always Green!
My sister just started taking the Vitamins about a week ago & she says she feels great but you know what grabbed me? Not that she said she felt great but that she LOOKED great!! I mean you could see an amazing difference in her! She's vibrant, energized, & chipper!
Can I just say "chipper" is not a usual family trait =)
She's even begun blogging about her experience because it's just too good not to share, you really need to read about it. She gives background on her health & what not so you'll see for yourself the difference.
Anyway, over at A Wise Woman Builds Her Home...yes another Super Amazing Supermom..Shaklee has offered a fabulous giveaway!! I would tell you what it is but that would spoil the surprise, so you have to head over there & check it out, trust me you won't be disappointed!!

The Blessed Supermom

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