Sunday, October 3, 2010

But As For Me & My Apartment

So the last time I posted I wrote how I had 10 days to move & no idea where we were going. Well, I haven't been here in a while because those 10 days were chopped in half!! God blessed us with a new apartment!!
There were & still are quite a few hurdles. First, I had 5 days to pack my family of 6 & downsize from a 4 bedroom house with a garage to a 2 bedroom apartment with a small storage space in the basement. We had to produce a "team of movers" on very short notice. I had to try & transfer our utilities to a new address & half of them had either been shut off or were in the process of being shut off so it was more than difficult. Honestly, the list goes on & on & there are many many obstacles. However, I'm very happy about the move. I know we no longer have a yard but we have several parks, an activity center, & a library in walking distance. We no longer have a garage for storage but we have 4 pantry's!! That may sound silly but I'm ecstatic about that! I use one pantry for my school stuff. I use another for food, another for small appliances & odds & ends, & yet another for my linen closet. Plus the girls have a huge closet! It's amazing how some way it feels I have more storage.
However, everything isn't better, some things are much more difficult. Like laundry, the washer & dryer are in the basement. It's now 7:28 at night & The Hubby's work clothes are dirty. I have no quarters & it's dark & spooky down there. I'm not a Supermom at all tonight, at least not a Superwife....
Bringing groceries in is really hard too. We live on the 2nd floor now, & I'm not a youngin' anymore. I'm more than thankful for Cow because she literally saved the day & my back. I had done my weekly shopping & she stayed with the girls so they could nap. When I came home I had to unload the van in freezing rain & somehow get 8 or 9 bags up the stairs. Well, Cow came down & grabbed half the bags. We headed up the stairs but halfway to my humble abode my shoulders gave out. I mean they didn't just stop working, they jumped right outta their sockets & ran screaming right down the stairs & outta the house!!
OK~OK....maybe that didn't happen, exactly...but it could of!!
Anyway, I've been moving so many boxes & furniture around that my body just decided it had enough. and that's where the Super Cow comes in =) She grabbed those bags & flew right up the stairs!
Betcha didn't know a cow could fly did ya?
Well, this one can, & she's awesome!
I have yet to get used to things here, like hearing when everyone in the building takes a shower, being mindful to make sure we take lighter steps, & hearing the train go by.
Now that's something my animals absolutely love. The train. They love counting the cars & watching all the cool stuff the train carries. One time the kids were ecstatic to see the train stopped & it had huge tractors. They thought that was awesome! I kinda did too =)
So what have I learned Dear Lord in all of this???
I've learned that God blesses His children when we are faithful. I can't lie, it was really scary to up & move without knowing for certain where we were going. I mean it was down right nutty to some. But, The Hubby & I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt God was saying to get out & we knew that He would provide. Some look at that kind if faith & say it's foolish, but I look to them & say "trying to control the outcome of every circumstance in my life is what I believe to be foolish" I find it gives me great freedom to allow God to drive the vehicle which is my life & to trust that He is best suited for the job.
After all, I've tried driving, directing, & leading my life on my own without His help & it never got me anywhere good.
So with that said, I am more than happy in my smaller, up on the 2nd floor, laundry all the way down in the basement......apartment.

But as for me & my house we will serve the LORD. Joshua 24:15


  1. We recently downsized to an apartment from a large house. My family is much smaller than yours (I have one child) but we LOVE it here! I wouldn't go back for a million dollars (okay, maybe a million) but it is so much easier to care for an apartment than a large home. Also, it is freeing in that we don't have lawn care and we can call maintenance whenever something goes wrong.

  2. But godliness with contentment is great gain. 1 Tim.6:6. Sounds like the Lord has been growing you in this area! The Lord used our move of a family of 10 from a 4 bedroom house in the city to a 2 bedroom house in the country. It has been an amazing journey (you can read the post about this here if you'd like: ). May the Lord richly bless you as you walk in His will :)